Bulls and Bears Slots

Bulls and Bears is a unique slot game that's about the stock market. From the moment that you begin playing this game you'll see a bunch of symbols all associated with that famous market. There are investors, brokers, safes, gold bars, stacks of dollar bills and more for you to hope for while playing this slot. The game itself is pretty nice looking and packs in quite a few features as well. Read on to learn what they are.

Betting Range

Most slots have a betting range that you can work within and the players that end up using the slot depend on this range ot let them play with an amount that they are comfortable with. In Bulls and Bears you have a decent betting range, though it caters to low-stakes gamblers more than anyone else. There are 25 pay lines in all, and you can wager on one of them, all of them or some number in between.

You can set your wager amount to be between $0.01 and $1.00 on each line, which means that you can risk as little as $0.01 and as much as $25.00 per spin in Bulls and Bears. That's a pretty decent range for you to gamble within and it helps make the slot game more worthwhile to play. If you're considering playing this slot, make sure that you wager an amount that's comfortable, but also an amount that's going to help you win as much as you possibly can.

Powerful Free Spins

By getting three or more scatter symbols you'll unlock free spins in Bulls and Bears. The moment that you unlock free spins you'll get, between 5 and 15 free spins to use. Each round gives you a chance to win more prizes and any win that you unlock during the free spin round is tripled in size, making for some huge winning opportunities. When you first start a round you'll need to choose whether you want to Buy or Sell. If you choose Buy then you'll get additional free spins for every Bull symbol that shows up. If you choose sell then you'll get free spins for every Bear symbol that shows up.

A Random Progressive Jackpot

One charming feature to look forward to while playing Bulls and Bears is the progressive jackpot. This random jackpot can trigger after any turn and leave you with a sizeable jackpot payout just like that! There's a Minor and a Major jackpot, and both are usually worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. No matter which of these two jackpots you win, you'll be happy that you did.

A Feature Guarantee

Like other popular slots today, Bulls and Bears comes with a powerful feature guarantee feature that makes sure you get some nice bonus features every now and again. If you play through enough rounds you'll automatically unlock special features in the game if they don't trigger on their own. As you play you'll notice that there is a feature bar up at the top right of the screen. This will grow in percentage until it reaches 100% and then you'll get a feature. If you unlock a bonus before then the bar will reset again.

In order to take advantage of this feature guarantee you have to place a 40% side bet and doing so rewards you with one feature every 100 rounds. It's an added coast to the slot game, but it will make sure that you see more features as you play through the game.