Slot Themes

Every slot game has a theme – even if that theme involves nothing more complex than fruit. We are a long way from the original one-armed bandit machines now, but those same fruit machines are still inspiring new online fruit machines for us to play. Aside from those though, which other slot themes are proving to be hits with players today? Check out our list of top themes and see if you agree with them.

Ancient Egyptian settings

Pyramids, the Sphinx, mummies, curses, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun… there is no end to the drama and intrigue software developers can cram into slots with this theme. Whenever we see a new slot release based on ancient Egypt, we always sigh. Not another one… But then we try it and we usually love it just as much as we love all the others. While this is commonly-trodden ground in online slots, there are still lots of innovative and unusual slot games released that are based around this theme. We doubt that will change anytime soon.

Good luck themes

These tend to be based on Irish good luck, as the Irish are said to be lucky people. They do have resident leprechauns who are supposed to bring them good luck. We’ve never seen one, but hey, who are we to argue? These little fellas regularly pop up in slots based on Irish themes. You can expect a lot of green in these games too, not to mention lots of chances to win prizes. Maybe that lucky theme will be lucky for you too/

Asian and Oriental themes

We’ve covered luck already, but the number eight is said to be lucky in certain parts of Asia. It pops up frequently in games with these themes, although there are plenty of other varied elements you might see as well. These themes are popular thanks to the drama and detail that often make their way onto the reels. Some are set in the past, while others appear to be in the present day. Within the broad theme, there is plenty of room for variations and appeal – yet another reason why players love these themes.

Which theme do you love most?

Maybe it is one of the ones mentioned above. It could be something different. Whatever it is, games based on your favorite themes are always good fun to play online today.