Slots Tournaments

Uptown Aces Casino

Most gamblers have tried video slots at one point in time, whether they do it at a casino in person, or while playing at an online casino. Players are familiar with slots, and understand how they work. Many people have never entered in a slots tournament though, and they have experienced the excitement of playing a video slot game against a bunch of other people in an attempt to get the best balance of everyone. At Uptown Aces there is an excellent selection of slots tournaments available daily, and they give players something new to try, and a chance to win both modest and highly lucrative prizes. Below is an overview of slot tournaments and the options offered by the casino.

How Slots Tournaments work

Slots tournaments are a whole lot simpler than they sound. At the beginning of the event each of the competitors has the same number of credits. In order to win the event the gamblers must take that money and turn it into the biggest stash of credits that they possibly can. The player with the most credits at the end of the tournament period will win the prize money and it will immediately be added to their casino balance. Generally there is a 12 hour period to do the tournament in, giving players plenty of time to gamble when they want to.

Daily Tournaments

Fans of slot tournaments at Uptown Aces can enjoy them on a daily basis. Each day of the week there are three different tournaments running for different levels of players. Anyone interested in taking part can try them out and fight it out for a chance to win the top prize of the event. There are tournaments for new players and others for more experienced slot tournament gamblers.

Enjoy the Freeroll Tournaments for the USA

There are many free tournaments offered by Uptown Aces casino. These slot tournaments don’t cost anything at all to enter, and many of them are entirely free to play as well as long as you don’t want addons or to rebuy back into the tournament. This means that players can win real money for free, and they can do it all while playing some of the most entertaining slot games offered by Uptown Aces online casino.

The slot tournaments are another fun way to enjoy the many different slot games offered at Uptown Aces. They rely on the same old slot games, but being in a tournament can make the same game much more exciting and give you something to shoot for while playing. Sign up for one and give it a try, who knows, you could be the lucky winner to take home a pot or two.