Slots Jungle Slots

Slots Jungle is a beautiful lush online slot game that shows off bright symbols in the middle of a deep rainforest. You'll see tropical birds, elephants, bears, gorillas, lions and more in this unique slot game. The theme of the game is very nice to look at, but it's the features that will interest most gamblers considering playing this slot game. That's why we took the time to look over all the features of Slots Jungle and detailed them down below. Keep reading to find out exactly what this casino game has to offer.

Your Betting Options

Slots Jungle offers plenty of different bet levels for players to gamble at, which is good because some players will want to risk a large amount of money, while others would rather wager more conservatively. With the option to gamble between $0.01 and $5.00 per payline, and 25 different pay lines to pick and choose from, there is a lot to work with in this casino game. Quickly choose just the right amount of cash that you want to wager and you'll be able to play comfortably. The maximum bet is $125.00 per spin, and the minimum is $0.01 per spin.

Huge Potential Jackpot

While many of the wins from Slots Jungle are smaller, there are some very huge wins to look forward to in this slot game. It's possible to win as much as $250,000 from a single spin of the reels in Slots Jungle. Of course this level of win is highly uncommon, but it provides even the wealthiest of players with a prize that's worth shooting for. To have a chance at the biggest prize payouts you'll want to gamble as much money as possible per spin, but always play within reason so that you can continue gambling over time for the maximum fun.


Slots Jungle offers an advanced auto play feature for gamblers that don't want to deal with pressing the spin button every single time that they play through a round. The special feature will help ensure that you spin the reels for a pre-determined number of times, and it makes it easy to give yourself the exact amount of opportunities that you want while taking away the work. The feature gives you the option to stop the game after winning a jackpot as well, helping to preserve winnings over time, even if you step away from your computer or mobile device while gambling.

Twin Random Jackpots

There's something particularly enjoyable about playing through a game that has a few random jackpots that you can look forward to. Even if you never win the jackpots, and these progressives are difficult to unlock, you'll always know that you have a chance to win a bit more cash when you spin the reels. There is a minor and a major jackpot in Slots Jungle, and both pay out a nice chunk of cash. The minor pays out a few hundred dollars and the major pays out more than one thousand. Either way you could seriously boost your payroll with these jackpots.

Slots Jungle is a beautiful online slot game with nice symbols to look at. It is known for paying out infrequently, but offers some of the largest jackpot wins available for online slots. That's what draws players in, and it's why we recommend you give this slot a try as well.