Free Games

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Slot game bonuses vary markedly from one game to the next. However, one of the most common bonuses to find involves winning some free games (or spins, if you prefer).

These are very popular as they give you some free spins of the reels at the same bet amount you triggered the free games with. So, if you played 20 cents per spin and won 10 free spins, any prizes won during those 10 free spins would be calculated as per your triggering wager.

Common quantities of spins you can win

10 free games are very popular as an award in slot games. You normally need to get three scatters to trigger these, although some games use different triggers to change things up a bit. You can never guarantee you will get 10 free games though.

Could you win fewer free spins?

Yes, we’ve seen games offering just five free spins in exchange for finding three scatters. Oftentimes these come with additional features though. For example, you might be guaranteed to win something on each of those spins. That might mean five freebies would produce bigger wins than 10 free games without that prize guarantee. Other games simply provide a smaller number of spins with no guarantees, so check the pay table to find out more before you play.

Can you win more?

You can – and you might win way more than you bargained for. The most common option is to win further free games for getting more triggering symbols. You might win 20 games for four scatters and 30 games if you find five scatters, for instance.

Some games give you a chance to choose how many you win. You’d think you would choose the highest number, but this will generally come with a lower multiplier on the prizes you win. Choose a smaller number of free games and the multiplier gets bigger to compensate.

Other slots provide you with a chance to win many more spins than that. Cash Bandits 2 Slots is a classic and popular example of this. The game provides a Vault Bonus that gives you the chance to win up to 190 free games. Better still, the associated multiplier could go as high as 17x! That is one of the best deals we have ever seen… but you must crack the vaults to trigger the highest quantity of free games on offer.