Dirty Martini Slots

Dirty Martini is a slot game with a very simple design. It’s a five reel slot focused on fruits and drinks. You’ll see a variety of beverages up on the screen, along with some delicious fruits. The back drop of the slot is very simple and the game has nice clean graphics, but nothing very exciting. Overall the layout is just standard, and that has a lot to do with the age of this slot, it’s older than many other RTG slots available today.

Plenty of Winning Combinations

There are a total of 42 different winning combinations in Dirty Martini the slot game. That means you’ll always have a chance to win some cash while playing through this slot game. Each time that you spin the reel there’s a good chance you’ll unearth one prize or another so keep turning those reels and hoping for the best.

Simple Design

Gamblers after flashy features and plenty of different bonus surprises won’t want to play through rounds of Dirty Martini. This game is dead simple in appearance and function and it’s not something that’s going to be all that interesting or exciting to experienced gamblers. If you’re after a basic spin the reels slot experience without anything too crazy, you might just enjoy what this slot game has to offer.

Decent Top Jackpot

Dirty Martini has a decent top jackpot fixed at 10,000 coins. That’s more than what you can expect from many other slot games, and you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to unlock this prize payout either. That’s exciting for players that are used to having to go through bonus rounds and to get really lucky to hit the big payout.

Free Spins

Get three or more of the Bodog Coin scatter symbols and you’ll unlock a series of 15 free spins. During these free spins all your wins will be tripled in size, letting you win up to 30,000 coins from the top fixed jackpot in this slot game. That’s a whole lot of cash, especially if you are betting near the top end of the betting limit rather than the bottom.

Dirty Martini offers some very rewarding wins, and it’s a slot game with just enough features to be worthwhile to serious gamblers. It’s not a game filled with dozens of bonuses, or a whole bunch of special features, but that’s part of its charm. You can play through the rounds of this slot game without being confused, and you still have as hot to win some pretty substantial prize payouts all the while.