Freeroll Tournaments

Uptown Aces Casino

Have you ever heard of freeroll tournaments? While not all online casinos offer tournament action, many of them do. Some make it a key part of their offering. Think of Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino – they have daily, weekly, and monthly events to take part in.

Freeroll tournaments are the best ones to try in our opinion. Here’s why.

Freeroll tournament – free entry

Freeroll means you can enter for free. There is no entry fee of any kind to get you in the running. Just confirm your entry and you’re good to take part. Later, once you have decided if you like tournaments or not, you can consider trying some of the tourneys that do have entry fees. These tend to offer bigger prize pools, but you should check beforehand to see what the prizes are.

These are the best no-risk tournaments to enter when you’re new

Since they do not require any payment from you, these tournaments allow you to enter without risk. You can find a tournament you like the look of, and one that uses a game you like too. You can then play the game within the tournament to see how you get on.

You get an opportunity to win prizes aside from those in the paytable

We all recognize slot games offer the opportunity to win prizes ranging from small to large. When you enter a tournament, you will play the slot game it is based on just as you normally would. That means you get the chance to win some of the prizes shown in the paytable.

However, since you are playing the game within a tournament, you also get the chance to grab a position on the leaderboard. The higher you are positioned on the leaderboard, the greater the chances are of securing another prize. Some casinos offer ‘winner takes all’ tournaments. This means whoever comes first in the tournament will win the pot, or whatever prize is on offer. Others might have prizes for the first three, five, or even 10 placed players. Read the instructions before you enter, so you can work out what you need to do and where you would need to be placed to win.

Whatever happens, playing freeroll tournaments is a no-brainer. Give yourself an extra winning chance today by finding some of these entertaining slots tourneys now.