VIP Club

Long-term players at Uptown Aces won’t just have the deposit promotions to look forward to. There is also a lucrative VIP program that rewards players for active play at the casino. By betting enough at the different games, it’s possible to get free money to gamble with and to win additional prizes as well.

How the VIP Program Works

Every single player that starts up an account at Uptown Aces starts working toward eligibility toward the VIP program. They must deposit at least $1,000 into the account, make at least $4,500 worth of wagers on the various games, and have been a member for at least a month to be entered into the lowest bracket of the VIP program. Once a member, players will begin building up comp points that can be used to purchase special prizes and to add to their casino balance for more gameplay opportunities.

The Different VIP Levels

There are four different VIP levels and the higher VIP level a player has, the more rewards he will enjoy. All members start out at the Neon level, but can move up to Downtown, to Midtown, and finally to Uptown to enjoy the nicest perks of all.

The Benefits of Higher VIP Status

There are quite a few very real benefits to the higher levels of the VIP program. One of the most obvious benefits is being rewarded more comp points for each bet made. For instance, at the lowest level players must gamble $9 to earn a comp point. At the highest level players only need to gamble $4 to earn a comp point. That means as you climb to higher levels, points will come at a much faster rate and so will the prizes.

At the higher VIP levels players will enjoy higher bet caps or not limits on bets that they make, they’ll enjoy faster withdrawals, special cashback deals and a bunch fo other perks that simply aren’t available for the average player at Uptown Aces. That’s the benefit of being a long-term player that’s active at the casino, and being a high-ranking VIP member is certainly something to shoot for as a member of the casino.

The VIP club isn’t difficult to join, but it will take new players some time to build up the necessary wagers. It’s advisable to just gamble like normal and wait for the VIP status to come. Many players are pleasantly surprised by how quickly they’re entered into the VIP program, and at all the benefits that they enjoy once they’re there.