Three Stooges II Slots

The Three Stooges are an iconic comedy trio that most people know at least a little bit. This slot game is based off of the characters and is designed to offer some very exciting wins and features for fans of the movies. All the symbols in this slot game are based around characters and scenes from the movies. You'll love all the special bonus rounds that are present in this game and a chance to win very big with enough luck on your side.

Win Win Feature

There's a special win-win feature built into this slot game that rewards players more if they aren't doing so well on the game already. It triggers at the end of any bonus feature if you win less than five times the initial bet that started the bonus round to begin with. When this feature activates you'll win as much as 200x your bet amount instead of the prize that you would have got. The worse you do during the bonus round, the bigger the bet multiplier you can potentially unlock with this feature.

Progressive Jackpot

With each spin of the reels you have a chance to unlock a progressive jackpot from this slot game. You could win a ton of money from this special feature and each round that amount goes up just a little bit more.

Larry's Stash Feature

Larry's Stash is an exciting free spin round of the game that gives you a random set of spins with a different multiplier. At the beginning of the bonus you have to roll a die five times. Each time it rolls one of the levels on a multiplier ladder is eliminated. The last remaining rung on the ladder is the multiplier and the total number of free spins that you'll unlock during this bonus game. The lowest is 7 free spins with a 2x multiplier, and the highest is 20 free spins with a 7x multiplier. Either way you can win some nice cash during these spins.

Moe's Moolah

This is the biggest possible free spin bonus that you can get and it's the one that everyone is looking for. During Moe's Moolah you can enjoy 100 free spins all with a 10x multiplier. This is where the biggest prizes of the game are unlocked and it's the special that makes this game worth playing again and again. Few people unlock the famed bonus round, but those that do come away with a very nice win almost every time.

Curly's Cashola

During this special free spin bonus game you'll enjoy 9 free spins with double prizes every single time. This isn't as lucrative as the other two bonus rounds, but it's still worth unlocking and can help result in some very nice prize payouts as well.

With so many bonuses to win as well as a progressive jackpot, there's a lot of prize money to be had from the Three Stooges II slot game. Give it a try today to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.