Specialty Games

If you look at the games collection in any online casino lobby, you will find those games are divided into different groups. You’ll find all the slots in their own section. Elsewhere, there are table games and some video poker too. And very often, you will also find a section labeled specialty games. What are these games and why do they warrant a section of their own? We thought we’d dive in and find out.

Specialty games don’t fit into any other section

You’ll usually find the specialty games section contains all those games that don’t warrant a section of their own. For example, you might spot one or two bingo games in there. The casino probably wouldn’t create a new section just for two games, as it wouldn’t look too promising. So, they create a specialty section and pop them in there instead.

Which other games might you find in the specialty section?

You might spot keno in there. Sic Bo is a dice game that doesn’t fit into a section of its own, unless there are plenty more dice games available on that site. You might also see scratch cards included in the specialty games section. These often have their own section, but it depends how many scratch cards the casino owner has included on the site.

Can you try playing some specialty games for fun?

This depends on the casino. Most online casinos do provide practice play nowadays. They realize it is a good way to get people to try their games, and maybe go on to make some real bets on them. Sometimes, you may be required to open a free account with that casino to play games even just for fun. On other occasions, casinos will allow anyone to load a specialty game to play, with no need to log in to make that happen.

Specialty games can provide a refreshing alternative to regular games

Chances are you will always head for the same game type when you visit your favorite casino. This might be a type of slot game, roulette, blackjack, or video poker. But every now and then it is nice to switch things up and try something different. Whenever you feel the need to do that, check out the specialty games collection. You might find a few new favorites in there if you do. Who knows, you might win, too!