Dream Run Slots

If fast-paced street racing is your thing, Dream Run is a slot that just might appeal to you. The game is rich with symbols that are from your typical street race, including a pistol, a steering wheel, racing tires, nitrous and a set of racing lights. All these different elements come together to create a convincing slot game that's designed for the racing enthusiast. The look of the game itself is appealing, but that alone doesn't make Dream Run a worthwhile slot. Our complete review covers the features that this slot has, and explains why Dream Run might be worth a play for you.

Set Pay Line Bet

There are 25 pay lines in Dream Run and they are all locked as active for every play of the game. That means you must place a minimum bet of $0.25 for every spin of the reels. This is more than some low stakes gamblers will want to spend, but should be okay for many gamblers. At the high end of the betting range it's possible to risk as much as $25.00 per spin, which is lower than some high stakes gamblers will want to risk. The betting range is relatively narrow and more limited than many players will enjoy.

The Dream Run Feature

Base payouts are pretty decent in this slot game, but all the excitement is really the bonus games like the Dream Run Feature. That's because they are unique and fun to play through and offer access to some pretty generous bonuses. To unlock this feature you need to get three or more of the stop light symbols, and they need to switch to green.

Once you get three or more green lights, it's time to start the race. When the feature kicks off it's up to you to choose one of the five cars that you want to race down to the finish line. Once you've chosen your car you'll begin racing. The first race determines how many free spins you get. You could unlock as many as 25 free spins by coming in a top position.

The second race will pay out a nice instant prize that's worth between 5x and 100x your triggering bet. The third race determines your multiplier throughout the bonus spins that you're about to unlock. You could get up to a 7x multiplier on all your spins, if you don't make it to the third race you'll receive a 2x multiplier throughout your free spins.

Nitro Racing Feature

There's another special feature known as the Nitro Feature. This feature gives you four free spins when you build up 10 races on your Racer Tally. During the feature you could unlock the mini jackpot or the major jackpot. You just have to win the 4th race to win the major, and get any position in the 4th race to win the mini jackpot.

This unique slot game is filled with action fun and is a unique gambling experience. If you enjoy racing, cars or a different sort of slot game, you'll love this. The top prizes are generous, the features are exciting and there is a lot to like about Dream Run. Give it a try and you'll see.