Super Diamond Mine Slots

Take on the life of a miner working down in a deep dark hole in Super Diamond Mine. This explosive slot game features a colorful set of symbols that you would expect to find in a mine, along with some of the more traditional slot symbols. There are boulders, packs of dynamite, mine shaft entrances, BAR symbols and more to look out for. This


The first thing that you have to do when playing Super Diamond Mine is to place your bet. Choose the coin value that you want to use. The value can be as high as $5.00 and as low as $.01 per line. Then choose how many paylines you want to use from the game. There's a total of 9 lines that you can bet on. Finally you have to decide how many coins you want to put on all those lines, up to a maximum of 5 apiece. Once you do all that you have successfully chosen your full bet amount. You can pick from between $.01 per spin to a whopping $225 per spin.

Win Big

If you really want to win big while playing Super Diamond Mines, you need to risk the highest amount of money that you can afford to do so. With a maximum bet amount in play, you can win up to 4,950 credits from this slot game. If you're risking the maximum of $5.00 per credit, that means you could win nearly $25,000 from the slot game in a single turn. That's a pretty huge potential win and it's very exciting.

Splendid Bonus Round

Diamonds are one of the most desirable symbols to get while playing this slot game, and each time one shows up on the reels the dynamite meter goes up one more. Once the dynamite meter reaches 99 it's time for the special bonus round of this slot game to begin. A little Gnome lights the dynamite that explodes, and the round begins. During the bonus game you need to choose the mine entrance you believe has the highest number of diamonds. Some entrances lead to bonuses and additional entrance options. Others collapse and leave you with whatever bonuses you've accumulated so far. This bonus game is pretty fun and pays nice too.

Super Diamond Mine is a cool slot with some pretty unique features, but overall it's simple to understand as well. If you're interested in mining, or just want to try a game that looks decent and offers solid payouts, this one is worth looking into.