Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes is an interesting online slot game with a fun cluster payout system, cool-looking symbols, and some unique bonuses as well. We were initially impressed by the unique design of the game and decided to dig in further. This review looks at the major features of the game and helps players determine if it is right for them or not.

Created by Realtime Gaming

This is one of the many games crafted by RTG or Realtime Gaming. This well-known software company creates hundreds of slots, table games, and more. Among all the different games, there are exciting features and other cool benefits to them. This slot showcases some of the unique design features that you'll see in other RTG games as well.

A Modern Video Slot

This video slot has a cluster payout system, cool animations, and a nice mix of prizes and bonus features. It's more complex than a classic slot but offers smaller payouts than a progressive jackpot slot.

243 Ways to Win

There aren't any paylines in this game, and payouts occur using a cluster system instead. That means each time you spin the reels, you'll have 243 ways to win, and those wins will occur in lines, clusters, and other odd formations that you wouldn't normally be able to benefit from. This system creates interesting winning patterns but also limits your flexibility when placing wagers.

Just Basic Wagering Options

You're limited to just a short range of wagering options when playing this slot game. The minimum wager amount is $0.25 per spin, which should be fine for most low-stakes players, but the maximum wager amount is just $6.25, and there are only ten wager settings to scroll through as you adjust your bet amount. Many high-stakes players will be disappointed by the low maximum wager limit, which keeps this slot from being useful to many.

A Rainforest Themed Slot

This game is based in the middle of a lush forest and has the look of an ancient civilization as well. There are old-looking face symbols that you would expect to see on an old shrine or a totem pole. This unique theme gives this slot a mysterious look that will have you wanting to uncover its mysteries as you spin.

Demo the Game

The special demo mode of this game lets you test play it with play money before you risk real money. To use this special mode, you just choose to Demo the game when loading it. When you do this, the game loads like normal, but you get a Fun Balance to play with. The balance goes up and down just like your money would during a standard play session. Set the bet amount at the level you would when playing with real money for the most realistic experience possible.

Betting for Real is Simple

If you prefer to play for actual cash prizes, you will have to wager your own money. To do this, you fund your casino account and choose to play the game in the standard model. You can wager between $0.25 and $6.25 per spin in this mode and play for actual prize payouts that will change your real money balance. It only takes a moment to swap between Demo mode and real mode, so switch to the type you prefer whenever you like.

Easily Configure Autoplay

There's a single button you can use to set the Autoplay feature. Press this one button, and you can pick to turn the reels between 5 and 100 times. Simply select the number of spins, and the game will take over from there. The auto-spins are a bit slow, so you have to be patient when using this feature.

Lots of Little Payouts

This game is well-known for its small prize payouts. When you begin playing here, you'll be trying for prizes worth just a few coins up to 150 coins for the biggest wins. These are all small when compared to most other slots. The payouts occur very regularly, though, so you'll always have another win to look forward to.

Watch for Bombs

While testing this slot, one feature stood out above all the rest, the exploding bomb symbols. These special symbols show up on the reels all the time, and they blow up to transform a cluster of symbols into one matching symbol. The transformation is always a random one but can lead to some interesting prizes and winning combinations. You'll end up with all sorts of wins you don't expect from this feature, and bombs drop very frequently.

Cascading Symbols

The cascade feature only occurs right after a win because of a bomb explosion. If you get a win because of a bomb combination, the winning symbols vanish to be replaced with new ones. These new symbols can lead to additional wins and even more prize money. It's not uncommon to get exciting prize-winning combinations because of the bombs and the cascades to follow.

Support for Mobile Play

If you like playing games on the go, you'll love the mobile support that Frog Fortunes has. This game is designed to run on smartphones just as well as computers. It works on most Android and iOS devices and loads in a web browser. Playing on a mobile device is as simple as visiting the casino site and tapping on the game. It will load right in the browser and run like normal.

Small Regular Wins

Small wins are the name of this game. The prize payouts are small, but they occur often. It's not uncommon to get many wins in a row and even to chain together several wins on a single spin when playing this slot. That's great news because the biggest single win you can get is only worth 150 coins. With the low coin values, that doesn't make for a very compelling prize at all.

A Poor RTP

We were disappointed by the low RTP or return to player value of just 92.31% offered by this slot game. Sure it's fun, but that RTP value is lower than most other slots and keeps this game from being a good value.

Rating the Slot

Frog Fortunes is a decent game but a poor value. It also doesn't offer compelling prize wins. For those reasons, we have to give it a 3.0 out of 5.0. It's fun to try but probably shouldn't be your long-term game unless you only care about entertainment and don't care about the low RTP.

Frog Fortunes is a fun game that will really appeal to some gamblers, but it certainly isn't perfect. The game lacks features; it pays poorly and has a low RTP. It's nice to look at, has an upbeat feel when you play, and offers some unique features, but that won't be enough for some gamblers to enjoy their experience or to want to play this slot over the long term.