Field of Green 2 Slots

Field of Green 2 Slots
Field of Green 2 is a newer online slot game based on the original football themed slot. The latest game promises updated graphics and some exciting features, or at least we’re hoping for new and improved features. We decided to give this popular slot game a full play-through so that we could put together an in-depth review of the game and everything that it has to offer. If you’re interested in this unique online slot game or you liked what the first slot had to offer, read through our review below to find out what you’re getting yourself into. We cover the features and what you can expect from the game below.

Wagering Carefully

The bet that you make when playing slots determines how much it costs to keep going, and also how much you stand to win with any given turn of the reels. That’s why it’s so important to wager carefully. When you play Field of Green 2, you have lots of options to work with and should be able to choose a comfortable wager. The wager amount that you put in place varies from low to high and you can make a few dollars last for hours, or burn through thousands of dollars while chasing the biggest wins in this slot depending on the wager amount that you use. At the low end it’s possible to have just a single active line with a $0.01 wager for a penny wager per spin. At the high end it’s possible to have all 20 paylines active with $5.00 wagers on each of them for a $100 total wager.

Double Wilds

Wild symbols are powerful in Field of Green 2 and your key to unlocking some of the best wins that you can. These helpful symbols show up on some of the reels and will help you complete prize payouts so that you win as much as possible. The wilds will double any prize that they help create, making them very important to use as much as possible. Wilds should make it easy for you to unlock more prize payouts, but they also make those payouts more valuable, making them very important for winning regularly.

Decent Prizes

With a little bit of help from the wild symbols, you can maximize the value of the best paying symbols in the game to help you win as much as possible. The top paying symbol in this slot game is the football player, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. With five of these symbols you’ll enjoy a 4,000 coin payout which is worth up to $20,000, but when you add in at least one trophy symbol that prize jumps to 8,000 coins or up to $40,000 in a single payout. The next best win that you can get comes from the helmet symbols. Five of them is worth 1,000 coins, or helmet symbols and wilds are worth 2,000 coins or up to $10,000 for a player with a top wager placed.

The Bonus Free Spin Round

Three or more scatter symbols is all it takes to trigger the special bonus round in Field of Green 2. Get into that round and you’ll be asked to make selections that determine what sort of prizes that you can get. There are instant payout prizes and also free spin prizes. It’s possible to get an instant payout worth up to 100x your wager amount. It’s possible to get up to 20 free spins from the bonus round. Any free spins that you get form the round will pay out three times the normal amount of money when you get a winning prize. That’s why it’s best to get the big jackpots while you are in the free spin round of the slot game.

Random Jackpot

Along with all the other features that you’ll find in Field of Green 2, there is a special progressive jackpot as well. The jackpot grows in size from a minimum of $1,000 up to many times that amount over time. Gamblers will raise the value of the prize payout and one lucky player will snag the entire amount with a random spin. That lucky gambler could be you! To win you just need to spin the reels and hope for the best.

If you are looking for a quality slot game that isn’t too complicated to play, Field of Green 2 is a good bet. It’s simple to play, offers good standard features and makes it possible to play at the wager level that you are most comfortable with. That’s why so many gamblers are giving this slot game a try and why we recommend players test it out as well.