Lucha Libre Slots

Lucha Libre is an intense wrestling slot themed after the famous Mexican wrestling priest that supported an orphanage with his wrestling. It’s a cool game with plenty of features and definitely worth checking out at least once. The game looks nice, it comes with some major bonuses and a cool wilds system that will have you winning prizes left and right.

Bet Big or Small

To start things off in Lucha Libre place your initial bet. You can bet on a single payline with bets as small as a few cents, or you can step things up and risk hundreds of dollars on this online slot game. There are huge potential prizes at stake, so bet wisely and try to win as much as you can along the way.

Massive Bet Potential

While playing this Mexican-themed wrestling slot extravaganza it’s possible to win as much as 4,000x your bet amount. That’s a huge victory and something to get very excited about. To unlock such wins you’ll have to use the wilds that you have available and get some major wins but it’s completely possible with enough luck.

Magnificent Wilds

The wrestler symbols in this slot game serve as the wilds and come in groups of three. These three symbols are powerful and can help you unlock some very lucrative prizes. When they cover up an entire reel they can effectively double prizes paid out. These symbols can also jump over to other reels, giving you even more wilds to work with and more prize winning opportunities.

Big Win Scatters

While playing Lucha Libre you can win big on the scatters as well. Each scatter win multiplies the total bet amount. Both the wrestling ring and the mask symbols serve as scatters, but the wrestling ring is much more lucrative with a top payout of 200 times your total bet amount.

It’s Time to Rumble

Get three or more of the wrestling ring symbols and unlock the special Time to Rumble bonus game. During this game you choose three different wrestling moves in an effort to beat your opponent. With the right set of techniques you’ll overpower your opponent and win big.

Lucha Libre is an excellent online slot game with cool bonus features and huge top prizes. It’s exciting to play, it’s colorful and has all the makings of a long-term slot game. Give it a try and you’ll be recommending it to all your friends and family.