Year of Fortune Slots

Year of Fortune is a slot game themed after the Chinese year of the Ox. This slot game features beautiful culturally themed symbols and has a unique appeal to it as well. It looks a bit dated with slightly basic graphics compared to other slot games offered today, but looks aren’t everything, which is why we decided to take the time to really talk about the different features of Year of Fortune.

Set a Bet

Year of Fortune operates with 25 paylines and that number is fixed for every single spin that you take. That means you have a more rigid bet range than some other slots, but there is plenty of wiggle room for you to work within. Choose between $0.01 and $5.00 for your line bets. Doing so gives you a range of $0.25 and $125 for your wagers placed. This range should be comfortable for most players, making it easy to choose a level that isn’t going to be too expensive, or too cheap to be enjoyable.

Golden Ox Wild Multipliers

Golden Ox symbols serve as wilds in this online slot game and they appear on any of the three central reels. They can’t complete a prize all on their own, but when helping to complete prizes with other symbols they will double the prize value at the same time. This is the way that you’ll unlock some of the biggest prizes that you can get during the standard rounds of Year of Fortune. The biggest win that you can get during standard play is 17,776 coins and makes use of at least one wild with a set of Temple symbols.

Lucrative Free Spins

There’s a free spin round in Year of Fortune that can be unlocked by getting three or more of the logo symbols on the reels. Get them and you’ll win 8 free spins with a special 88 pay line format. With 88 active pay lines your chances of spinning prizes skyrockets, leaving you with some very nice winning opportunities. Not only do the added lines give you more chances to win, but they also offer a special multiplier bonus alongside the wilds. One wild on a new line will double your prize value. Another wild will double that doubled value and the third wild will do the same, giving you the potential to go all the way up to an 8x multiplier. With this multiplier in place it’s possible to win as much as 71,104 coins from the five temple jackpot payout, which is pretty exceptional.

Progressive Jackpot

In Year of Fortune there’s also a progressive jackpot payout that will randomly trigger as you play the game. Getting just the right spin will result in you unlocking this prize that begins at $5,000 and climbs from there. It’s a huge potential prize, especially when you only have to wager $0.25 in order to trigger the prize.

Year of Fortune is a top slot game, even if the graphics look a bit dated today. It’s worth trying at least once for the long list of features that it offers, and it’s the type of slot game that many people come back to again and again over the years.