Slots With Wild Symbols

If we asked hundreds of people to name their favorite icon in slot games, we guess the majority would say wild icons are the best of them all. These are indeed great icons to see, as they can help you score some wins where you would otherwise have missed out.

Here are a few essential elements to look for when you pick a slot that involves one or more wild symbols.

Wild multipliers assist in triggering bigger prizes

Some wilds merely replace other symbols in a game. However, if you’re lucky, a wild might come with a multiplier value attached.

This means you would have any prize with a wild completing the combination multiplied by the relevant value. Values of 2x and 3x the amount are quite common. Some games give you the chance to multiply two values together if two wilds should appear in a winning combo. So, if you had two wilds with 2x multipliers attached, the prize would be multiplied by 4x.

Varying types of wilds can appear

Did you know wilds can crop up in various guises? We’ve met the multiplier wild already, but how about a spreading wild or a walking wild? Yes, these have both appeared in some slot games. There are many others that might crop up as well.

They tend to move from one place to the next, spread over neighboring spots on the reels, and perform other actions too. The paytable will usually tell you how a wild will behave and what to expect when they appear.

Some wilds can win prizes independently of other symbols

The role of a wild is to substitute for most – if not all – other symbols. The scatter is the most common symbol that cannot be substituted in this way. However, those wilds don’t always pay on their own. Some games allow you to win wild prizes whenever three, four, or five appear on a paid line. Other games don’t allow for this. In the latter case, they will only work as substitutes and cannot trigger their own prizes.

So, the verdict is in – wild symbols are great! Better still, some slots feature several of them. It is unusual to encounter slots that don’t have any wilds, although it is far from unheard of. However, if you love the wild icon, make sure the above elements are included in the slots you choose to play.