It's Good to be Bad Slots

Sometimes it's just good to be bad, and that's exactly what this slot game is all about. Learn that playing slots isn't always about unlocking prize winning combinations. In this slot you actually want to do as poorly as possible, because that will lead you to the biggest wins available. This progressive slot game offers some real winning opportunities and it's a unique gaming experience. It's a classic slot, but has some modern slot features to it that make it feel different.

You Want to Lose

It's odd, but while playing this slot the last thing you want to do is to get a prize winning combination. Doing so actually makes it impossible for you to win the biggest and best prize payouts. Instead you want to go as long as possible without getting any wins at all. Do this and you could walk away with truly massive prize payouts in It's Good to Be Bad. It's a unique slot game and we love the way that it's setup.

Lose to Win

In It's Good to Be Bad, it's actually good if you do poorly on the slot. If you go through enough rounds without winning any prize at all, you'll trigger a free spin round where you're almost guaranteed to hit it big with a nice win. You'll find yourself rooting for the game to let you miss a few more wins so that you can unlock those sweet sweet free spins. Every time you go through four rounds without a win, you'll get 1 free spin. If you cash that spin in you'll get to enjoy a free shot at money. If you save it, you can get additional free spins for every two rounds you go without a win. If you do get a win though, you'll lose all your accrued free spins, so be careful not to save them for too long or you'll regret it!

A Massive Progressive Jackpot

There's an enormous progressive jackpot in It's Good to Be Bad, and the only thing you need to do in order to unlock this massive payout is lose for 29 rounds in a row. Do that and you'll be taking home thousands of dollars. The jackpot changes in size, but at the time of testing it out it was worth around $25,000 for players using the $0.25 coins and $100,000 for players using the $1.00 coins. Either way, that's a whole lot of cash and certainly a nice reward for playing a slot game poorly.

If you're sick and tired of being obsessed with unlocking prize winning combinations of symbols in your slot games, try out it's Good to Be Bad for a change of pace. This classic slot turns the whole slot game idea upside down and gives you a new goal to shoot for. It's a refreshing take on slot gambling and is actually a whole lot of fun to experience as well.