Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes is a simple online slot game that focuses on being patriotic without offering any real special features. The end result is a very simple online slot that's fun to play, but that is very easy to learn. If you have a few minutes you can get used to this slot game and with enough luck you can still win big. Read on to learn more about Sevens and Stripes and why it's a good fit for select gamblers.

Your Betting Options

When you try out Sevens and Stripes online you have a decent range of wagering options available to you. There is just a single payline at the center of the reels, and this is where you'll be placing all your wagers. You can place between one and three coins on this line, and you can adjust the value of those coins to achieve your optimal wager. Choose from a minimum of $0.05 and a maximum of $5.00 per coin before you start playing. This gives you a gambling range of $0.05 and $15.00 to work within, but it's always best to wager three coins when you can because you'll win bigger prizes from the slot.

The Jackpot Payouts

In Sevens and Stripes the Red White and Blue sevens and the All Red Sevens are the most valuable. Getting red, white and blue 7's on the three reels will result in a jackpot payout worth between 2,400 coins for a single coin, and 10,000 coins for a three coin wager. That's a huge potential prize worth as much as $50,000 if you wagered the maximum amount while playing this slot game.

The second best payout that you can get from this slot is unlocked by getting three red 7's across the payline of the game. do that and you'll get a minimum of 1,199 coins and a maximum of 5,000 coins depending on the number of coins that you wagered. This is worth as much as $25,000 with a maximum wager.

Simple and Easy

While Sevens and Strips offers some pretty nice payout bonuses to the players that are lucky enough, this online slot game is very simple to play through. Each round that you go through of this game will pretty much look like the last one. You simply spin the reels and try to unlock the most valuable prize payouts. Get the right combinations and you win prizes, get the wrong prizes and you don't. It's really that simple. There are no special features or bonuses to worry about, which means that you can win with this slot and you won't have to worry that you aren't understanding one of the features.

If you enjoy basic slot games online, you'll like what Sevens and Stripes has to offer you. If you want something complex, or you want some special features, you might grow bored with the limited set of features that the slot has to offer you. We recommend some gamblers try out the game, but others skip it. It's not a good fit for everyone but you'll only know that for sure after you take the time to test it out completely.