777 Slots

In the age of innovation and super graphically rich slot games, it’s always refreshing to see that the legacy and the charm of the three reel game is still alive. And alive and well, is but just a little that sums up the upcoming slot game 777 Slots. Your faith in high profile and interesting three reel games with a single pay line, will be rewarded with 777 Slots by Real Time Gaming.

Real Time Gaming Does It Again

If you gamble online, then you know. When it comes to online casino and gaming excellence, you can argue that nobody does it better than Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming continues to be the beacon of excellence for innovative, and graphically superb, five reel games. What also makes these games stick out even more, is the complexity involved in their five reel wonders. Many of them feature robust, bonus rounds and dynamite free spins. But Real Time Gaming doesn’t shirk on classic three reel games neither. Using the full power of the mighty flash engine, Real Time Gaming brings out the best in 777 Slots.

Getting Some Practice Rounds

Fans of Real Time Gaming know that a staple of their games, is the ability to play some demo rounds before wagering real money, and thus is the case when it comes to 777 Slots. There is no pressure to lay down a real wager, simply play some practice rounds to get into the flow of the game, and get a feel of the game.

One Heck Of A Theme

When you are playing a three reel game, in many instances, you are walking down a virtual trip of memory lane. Such is the case when it comes to 777 Slots, which honors the power of the vintage, iconic symbol, the number 7. 7 plays a strong role in this game. Going all out in the vintage theme, all of the icons in 777 Slots are all retro.

A Powerful Design

The game play and the interface to 777 Slots is all retro in nature. It resembles down to the last, virtual inch, a traditional slot machine. All of the icons, fonts and the reel, closely resembles the traditional, Las Vegas slot. There is a spin button right in the game view as well as hold buttons. There are coin buttons as well.

What Type Of Slot Game Is 777 Slots?

What you see is what you get with 777 Slots. There are no extra bonus rounds, free spins in this game. There is a progressive jackpot that is waiting to be won at the end of any spin. In fact, there is a jackpot meter to help keep track.

The Pay Lines

Staying true to the vintage, three reel games, 777 Slots only comes with a single pay line. But one pay line is all you need, to win big.

Getting Your Bet In

777 Slots will let you adjust the coin size through coin buttons so you can make a precise wager. The minimum bet stands at a nickel. The other values are a dime, a quarter, fifty cents and a dollar.

It’s All There In The Pay Table

For all the combinations and the icon values, don’t forget to check out the icon table which breaks down their value.

Is There A Bonus Round?

777 Slots is a slot game that is simple and basic. There are no bonus rounds to be played in this game.

What About The Free Spins

Likewise, there are no free spins to be played here at 777 Slots.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but it comes with the territory if you gamble enough online. When it comes to 777 Slots, the return to player is quite nice. Simply put, the more you wager, the more you will get back on your bets.

What Is The Rating?

There is no official rating for 777 Slots. It is good clean, fun that is designed to take you down memory lane.

Become The Next Big Winner

A staple of Real Time Gaming is the opportunity to become the next big winner at any given spin. Who knows, when 777 Slots gets a full release, you just might become the next big winner with your name in the head lights at the online casino you are playing it at.

Just Playing For Fun

Again, there is no pressure to lay down a real bet when it comes to 777 Slots. You can play some practice rounds to get the complete feel of the game. Keep your eye out for third party promotions that will let you use no deposit codes so you can play for free and actually win.

Laying Down Real Money

Of course, when you are ready to lay down a real beat, the online casino you are playing 777 Slots will have many options for you to lay down a real bet. And once you’ve made your real bet, you can again adjust the coin size through the coin size buttons.

777 Slots Is Mobile

Play 777 Slots on the go, anywhere and at anytime. 777 Slots is completely optimized for mobile play. All of the features and aspects of the game on the desktop version, is available on the mobile platform.