Sherlock Holmes Slots

Sherlock Holmes is a favorite crime-solving detective that’s known around the world. This iconic figure now has his own slot game called Sherlock Holmes. As is expected, the game is mysterious and not so obvious to play through. It’s a nice looking game, but does that make it worth a play? Continue reading to find out what mysterious hide for players of this slot game, an whether we would come back for another spin of the reels or if the slot should be skipped over.

A Mystery Multiplier

While you likely won’t understand why it happened, we don’t know either!, there’s a chance that you’re win will be enhanced with a 10x multiplier at any point in time while you are playing Sherlock Holmes the online video slot game. It just happens randomly and you’re pretty standard win could be transformed into something truly spectacular. Just hope that you unlock this feature on one of your bigger wins so that you can walk away with a huge victory.

Watson and Holmes Teamwork

The special teamwork feature awards players when Sherlock Holmes and Watson symbols show up at the same time. There’s a chance that these symbols will combine together into a mixed symbol that’s worth more cash than they are worth on their own. These symbols can pay up to 300 times your full bet if you get five of them across a payline.

The Picker Puzzle Bonus System

Sherlock Holmes appears to be a pretty standard video slot game at first glance, though it’s a bit more mysterious than most with special multipliers that pop up out of nowhere and symbols that combine together with one another. Things get very interesting when you make it to the Picker Puzzle bonus round of the slot game though. During this round you’re tasked with choosing from different objects in Sherlock’s room. The right objects can give you up to 15 free spins, multipliers for those free spins up to 10x, additional picks, as well as access to a special wheel spin bonus round for even more prizes. There’s so much going on with the picker puzzle feature that you’re sure to walk away with some sort of prize, and there’s a lot of potential cash at stake with this multi-tiered bonus game that makes the whole slot worth playing.

The Blackwood Wheel Bonus

After going through the Picker Puzzle there’s a chance you’ll unlock the Blackwood Wheel bonus. This is a prize wheel that awards big and small credit prizes. There are three points on the wheel and each one unlocks a prize after the wheel spins. When a pointer lands on a Blackwood wedge it gets deactivated and when all the pointers are deactivated the game stops. When a pointer lands on the Sherlock wedge, all the pointers are put back into the game and a huge prize is paid out.

Sherlock Holmes the interactive slot game is a nice looking and fun video slot that’s worth a play through or two. It’s brimming with special bonus features and is a lot of fun to play whether you unlock the special bonus round or not. Just make sure that if you do play the game you keep your bets low enough to give yourself a good chance at the bonus round, because it’s a blast to play through.