Scuba Fishing Slots

Take a dive down into the ocean and explore all the beautiful sights while trying to win some serious cash in Scuba Fishing. This online slot game puts you down underwater where it is your goal to uncover treasure and hopefully win much more than you started off with. This modern vide-slot game features 27 different ways to win with every spin, and it packs in some decent features to make it exciting and worth a playthrough or two. We did a full review of this slot, so read on to learn exactly what it has to offer you.

Wild Sharks Aplenty

The shark symbol is wild in this slot game and the tool that will help you uncover bigger and better wins. As you spin one round after another, you’ll be relying on those wilds to help you get some solid prize payouts. The sharks pop up frequently, and replace most of the symbols on the reels. They are also your tool for unlocking the free spin bonus in this slot game, which is another tool to help you win more.

Stacked Wild Free Spins

Get three wilds on the central reel stacked up and you’ll trigger the free spin bonus round of this slot game. Once you do that, the wilds will remain in position while the other two reels spin around. This can result in some very nice wins and will be an important tool for you to rely on to get some solid prize payouts as you play Scuba Fishing.

An Exciting Top Payout

While the jackpot in Scuba Fishing isn’t going to change your life, it’s large enough to make the slot game exciting. It’s possible to win up to 7,500 times your total line wager with the biggest fixed jackpot payouts that you can get. That means you can win a substantial amount of money if you place a large enough wager when you go into this slot game.

Beautiful Graphics and Animations

It’s impossible to ignore the high quality graphics that Scuba Fishing shows off with every second that you play the slot game. It features beautiful fish, nice defined plants, a detailed scuba diver off to the side and adds in a bunch of additional touches to really make the game come alive. Each of the three reels is separated by bubbles for lines, and you get to see some cool animations as you win prizes with this slot.

Using Autospin

Long term gamblers like being able to spin the reels without having to press the spin button themselves. That’s where the autospin feature comes in handy in Scuba Fishing. This feature makes it possible to go through tens or hundreds of spins without pressing the spin button every single time. You press the autospin button, to the right of the standard spin button, and the game does the rest for you. That’s all there is to this feature, and it’s a very helpful one when you want to play for an extended period.

Scuba Fishing is a simple and straightforward gambling experience, but it’s still a lot of fun to go through. If you’re after a high quality slot with beautiful graphics, decent prize payouts and some nice features, you’ll enjoy this one.