Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee the Travel Adventure Slot is one of the most unique slot games that we’ve ever played. In this game you aren’t trying to match up symbols or create winning combinations at all. Instead, you’re trying to defeat the enemies each round that you spin. You are guiding Cubee through the different time periods, and trying to unlock some powerful loot along your journey from one to the next.


Wagering is simple in this slot game, but it’s something that you want to do at the very start. You can bet between $0.20 and $50.00 per spin, and every specific wager amount has its own progress saved. Place the wager amount that you’re comfortable with and start working through the journey of this slot game. The amount you choose determines how much you can win or lose for every spin you complete.

Winning Prize Payouts

Unlike other slots where the goal is to get matching symbols, in Cubee the goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible. You can do this with help from the energy balls. Cubee starts off at a power level of 1, allowing him to defeat any Casper enemies that show up on the reels. Any energy balls that appear during a round increases Cubee’s power level by one, allowing him to take out additional enemies. Energy balls also count as a single defeated enemy when they show up. With a single energy ball Cubee can defeat Casper and Spike characters. A second energy ball allows him to defeat Lucifer characters as well, and getting three energy balls allows him to beat Bones along with all the other enemies. Payouts are available as long as you defeat three or more enemies in any given round, but you won’t get your money back for a round unless you defeat four or more enemies. The best payout that you can get for a win is 40x your wager amount, and that’s for defeating eight enemies in a single turn.

Moving Through the Time Periods

While playing Cubee the Travel Adventure the whole point of the game is to journey from the starting location, to the land of Piracy, through the land of the Viking Age and then finally to Cubeland. To do that you must collect weapons to defeat Rocco. Once Rocco is defeated you’ll move on to the next time period where you do it all over again. You’ll unlock a powerful bonus round once you’ve made it to Cubeland where Rocco can’t journey.

Unlocking Free Spins

While in the Land of Piracy it should be your goal to collect cannons with each spin that you make. These cannons are saved up free spins that you can unlock later on. The free spins give you more chances to win impressive prizes once you can finally make use of them all.

Powering up with Multipliers

During the Viking Age you can gather multipliers for every bow and arrow symbol that shows up during a spin. You can get to impressive multiplier levels during this round, making your final prize even more impressive.

Playing the Bonus Round

Once you finally make it through all the other time periods and you’re in Cubeland, it’s time to cash in on all those bonuses that you unlocked along the way. You’ll get your free spins and any multipliers that you saved up on your journey. During these special rounds no weapon symbols will appear, because you don’t have to defeat Rocco during this round of the game. Once you’re through all the bonuses you’ll start over with your journey and you can start working toward another massive prize paying bonus round once again.

Cubee the Travel Adventures is an impressive slot game and one that we wanted to go back to as soon as we were finished with the review. That’s because it’s unique. There isn’t another slot game we’ve tried like it, and we enjoyed the style of gameplay it offers. If you’re looking for a whole new experience when it comes to slot games, you’ll want to give this one a try. Even if you don’t enjoy the gameplay as much as we did, you’ll get to experience a new sort of game.