Slots With Sequels

How many slot games have you played with sequels on offer? There are many slots around today that do not have sequels. However, there are also many slots that proved their worth and ended up spawning a sequel for players to enjoy. Iron Man delivered Iron Man 2 for players to dive into. Irish Eyes, a popular luck-themed game, led to the equally-appealing Irish Eyes 2. In some cases, an original game was good enough to spawn more than one sequel. As the Reels Turn by Rival Gaming ended up as a trilogy! Here are some elements to think about when considering playing a slot with a sequel (or two) in tow.

A successful slot game often brings a sequel to enjoy

A slot must be successful to lead to a sequel. No software developer worth their salt would consider releasing a follow-up to a game that hadn’t caught the imagination of the playing public. There are times when we’ve spotted a sequel announced for release, without realizing the original game was available. That has led us to play the original title before the release of the second. It’s a great way to discover two games for the price of one.

Bigger and better?

One thing you’ll notice about many sequels is their ‘bigger and better’ format. It is often a year or more between releases in these cases. That means the developer has the advantage of more powerful graphics, features, and other elements to include in the newest game. While this doesn’t apply to all releases, you do tend to notice the sequels are flashier and more polished than the originals.

Building on a former success

The trick with a good sequel is to take the elements that worked well in the original game and to make them even better. This is done with mixed results. Sometimes, the sequel remains almost too close to the original to be a distinct game. Other times it veers too far from it to feel like part of the same series. In truth, you can never tell which sequels are going to be as big a hit as the originals. Very few fall flat, but some don’t quite catch fire as the software developers intended. However, with lots of slot sequels out there to try, you should check out the possibilities and play a few today to see what they’re like.