Progressive Slots

Everyone loves progressive slots – at least, it always seems that way. We love hearing about the big winners, too. But there are some things you need to be aware of before you play.

Will you be required to make larger bets on each spin?

Some progressive slot games will accept regular bets. You can play penny slots that include progressive jackpots to be won, for example. However, this does not always apply. Other games require a bigger bet to be placed on every spin. For example, we’ve seen games that fit this category with dollar coins to be played on every spin. That means you might need to play several dollars per spin – and that could be way over your budget.

Always start with your budget when assessing whether it is worth playing a progressive slot. There are plenty of them to choose from. Many do not require a bet that is any larger than you would normally play.

Does the game still offer other appealing prizes?

Everyone wants to win the progressive pot. However, you should accept the chances of any individual doing that are going to be long. That makes it more important to check out the paytable before you begin to play.

What is the range of prizes like on that paytable? Are there smaller prizes to be won at the lower end of the range than you’d usually see? Remember, you are more likely to win a greater number of small prizes than you are to win one big one. That’s the way the odds play out. Try and find a progressive slot that still has plenty more winning options to go for.

Will you enjoy the game or are you just playing for the jackpot?

We think it is important to play a slot game because you enjoy it. The chance of winning that jackpot should be in the background. Sure, you might get lucky. Sure, you might win a large amount. But you must admit the odds are against you.

That makes it very important to find a game you will love for other reasons. Maybe it has a cool theme. Maybe it offers bonuses, special features, and free spins. Whatever you look for in your favorite slots, make sure it is all present in the progressive slots you decide to play. It will make life more enjoyable if you do.