Wu Zetian Slots

There are so many different slot games that look like one another that we’re genuinely surprised when we stumble across a slot that’s different. Wu Zetian is one of those slot games. This unique slot has a pretty standard Asian theme to it, but the game still manages to stand out nicely. That’s because of its unique oversized reel mechanic. The entire time that you play the slot you’ll see a single reel that’s larger than all the rest and that features larger symbols as well. This reel gives you an improved chance and unlocking good paying prize combinations. This special feature also becomes more powerful during the free spin bonus round. We just had to try the slot game after seeing its unique layout, and we were sufficiently impressed with the game during our playthrough as well. Keep reading to learn what impressed us about this slot, and find out why you might want to try it out for yourself as well.

Fixed Payline Wagering

Even though there are a total of 25 paylines, the wagering in this slot game is pretty limited. You can’t change the number of lines that you wager on when you play, and instead must wager on all 25 of the paylines at the same time. The only adjustment that you can make to change the size of your wager is the line value. You can adjust this figure to be between $0.01 and $2.50. This gives you an effective wagering range of $0.25 and $62.50 per spin. It’s not a huge range to work within, but many players are very comfortable with those figures and don’t mind relying on them as they play online.

Plus Sized Reels

The feature that we enjoy most about Wu Zetian is the larger than normal reel. This special feature makes the game more interesting to play and makes prize payouts more likely as well. While you are spinning the reels, you’ll notice standard looking reels and symbols in most of the positions, and a single reel with oversized symbols that are normally 4x4 in size. These special symbols can stand in for most of the everyday symbols, and they improve your chances of getting some good prize payouts next to that large reel.

High Payout Opportunities

Even though Wu Zetian only has a top prize payout of 400 credits, that doesn’t mean you can’t win massive payouts. The game relies on massive combination wins with several different wins at a time during the same turn. It’s possible to win the maximum amount on each of your 25 paylines during the same turn with the massive cluster reel feature. Especially during the special free spin bonus round. That means that you can potentially win tens of thousands of credits as you play the slot game. It’s possible to win as much as 50,000 times your line bet amount on a single spin while playing this slot, which is a lot of cash no matter what your wager amount is.

An Epic Free Spin Round

Getting five or more of the golden disc symbols will bring you to an intense free spin bonus round where you have a chance to unlock some exceptional prize payouts. While you will likely only get a few free spins during the round, you have a better chance to win big prize payouts because of how this special feature works. The number of gong symbols you get doesn’t increase your free spin count, but instead increases the size of the giant reel that you get during the round. Three gong symbols gets you five free spins with a 3x3 reel along with two standard reels. Four gong symbols gets you a 4x3 reel and a standard reel for five spins and five gong symbols gets you a 5x3 reel that triggers a five payout combination every single time that you spin the reels. This free spin bonus round gives you a chance at some of the most rewarding wins possible offered from Wu Zetian and it’s why we enjoy playing this slot game so much.

Using Auto Play

Many people enjoy the thrill of an online slot game, but there are some players that don’t like pressing the spin button over and over again. If that sounds like you, you can enjoy the slot without dealing with pressing the button again and again. Instead, just press the special Auto Spin button with the up arrow. This button will keep the reels turning for as long as you have the money and you don’t activate one of the game’s special features. You can go through dozens or even hundreds of spins without pressing any buttons at all with help from this feature, which can really improve your gambling experience.

Wu Zetian might have a basic theme, but the game has good sound effects and even better features to keep things interesting. It’s the type of slot that you won’t forget about after you’ve tried it, and it’s something that you’ll want to play again and again once you’re familiar with it. Give it a try and it could become your new favorite.