Pig Winner Slots

Pig winner is an exciting new online slot game that features traditional animal symbols and a couple nice bonuses to keep things interesting. While the slot isn’t designed to pay out huge amounts, there are still some features that make it worth trying out, or at least we think so. Read on to find out what we learned about Pig Winner during our testing phase of the slot game.

There are 243 Ways to Win

Unlike many other slot games that rely on pay lines to reward players with payouts, Pig Winner doesn’t have any. Instead it offers 243 ways to win, offering many potential winning combinations for you to go for as you play. You’ll unlock frequent payouts, and you’ll enjoy simpler wagering because of the lack of paylines.

Double Your Payouts with Wilds

The pig symbol is wild in this slot game and they show up in groups frequently. These wilds are grouped together on the reels and they double any payouts that they help create as well. For that reason the pig symbol is one of the best to get on the reels and you’ll want to go for them as often as possible. As you spin the reels you’ll notice that pigs show up stacked on top of one another, and when you get several pig wilds together you are much more likely to trigger big payouts from this slot.

Powerful Free Spins

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols will trigger the special free spin bonus round of Pig Winner. You’ll get a minimum of eight free spins, and during those spins you’ll enjoy more wilds and scatters added to the reels. It’s possible to trigger additional re-spins during the free spin round if you can get three or more scatter symbols, and you are more likely to get big winning payouts during this special bonus round of Pig Winner.

A Basic Auto Spin Feature

While playing many slot games pressing the spin button over and over again can become tiresome. If you don’t feel like pressing spin any longer, you can stop doing so while playing Pig Winner while still enjoying the slot game. To do this you simply press the auto-spin button near where the standard spin button is. Press the button and the game will keep spinning the reels without requiring you to press anything at all. The game will keep going through free spins until you press the button again, or until you run out of money in your account for the game to keep going. It’s quick and easy to use and can result in some very nice wins as well.

If you’re looking for a good basic slot game with enough features to keep you busy, you’ll enjoy what Pig Winner has to offer. The slot doesn’t pack in a bunch of different special features, or bonus rounds, but it gives you a few ways to win prizes that will keep you looking forward to your next spin. Give the game a try and see all that it has to offer for yourself.