Slots Without A Wild

If we had to choose one of the most popular icons to crop up in numerous slot games, we would need to pick the wild icon. This is called a wild because it can replace most of the other icons that appear in the games that use it. There are exceptions, of course, but wilds are very useful to find in action in a slot game.

That begs the question of whether it is worth playing a slot game that doesn’t include a wild. We thought we’d ponder that question here.

Does the lack of a wild mean there are no special symbols involved?

Sometimes this is the case. If we spot a game with no wild and no other special icons in play, it can become very dull to play very quickly. These games tend to be good to pass the time for a short while, but beyond that, they’re not the best.

Are there other special icons to make up for the absence of the wild symbol?

This is what you should look for if you realize a slot game doesn’t include a wild symbol. The idea is to consider whether there is a scatter (or maybe more than one) that might have a role to play in the game. Some slots feature several bonus symbols too. Read on to find out more about these.

There might also be special symbols that provide you with on-reels prizes if they appear. These are often prize picks, where an icon must appear in a certain position to unlock the pick-me feature.

Does the game offer numerous bonuses and other features to redress the balance?

We’ve played a few Betsoft slots that don’t include wilds, yet they do include three or four bonus features each, plus some free spins too if you’re lucky. These games are so well-designed and very engaging to play. After a few minutes, you do tend to forget there is no wild involved in the game. The bonuses often pop up quite frequently, too. That is another element to consider. If bonuses do appear a lot, the absence of a wild doesn’t matter as much when it comes to securing some prizes.

So, the answer depends on the nature of the game. Some games would be boring without a wild, whereas when you play other games, you may not miss having a wild at all.