Panda's Gold Slots

Panda’s Gold is an Asian-themed online slot game with a nice clean theme that’s attractive and makes it look modern. The slot game shows off lush scenery in the background, and a bunch of cartoon-styled symbols that stand out for their beautiful appearance and diverse appearance. We were impressed with the look of this slot game from the second that we saw it, but we didn’t’ decide we liked the slot until after sitting down and playing it. Panda’s Gold has quite a bit to offer, but isn’t right for everyone. Read down below to learn more about the slot game and what it has to offer in our detailed review.

Win Big

Panda’s Gold offers gamblers a good range of betting options to choose from, which is really exciting when you consider how big the prizes from this slot game can get. It’s possible to win as much as 50,000 coins in a single spin of the reels when playing Panda’s Gold. That’s a big win no matter how much you are wagering, and it can be a potentially huge win with a large enough wager.

All About the Bonuses

Panda’s Gold is all about the special bonus rounds and as you play this slot game you’ll come to depend on the free spin rounds to help you win the best prizes. You unlock the bonus rounds with scatter symbols, but you’ll enjoy a different bonus round for each number of scatters that you get out on the reels starting from 3 scatters and going up from there. That means that if you get three scatters you’ll trigger the lowest bonus round, when you get four scatters you’ll get to do the medium bonus round and when you get five scatter symbols you’ll enjoy the highest paying bonus round.

When you get three or more scatter symbols, you’ll automatically get a re-spin that gives you a chance to get additional scatters. During this round all the scatters are held in place and only the reels without scatters spin. You don’t get additional payouts from the re-spin, but you can improve your bonus round. You can also get another re-spin if you go from 3 scatters to 4 on your initial re-spin.

Once you go through the re-spin phase you’ll move on to playing through your free rounds. You’ll get eight free spins no matter which of the bonuses you have active, but the other perks just get better and better depending on the bonus round that’s active. In Prosperity, the bonus round you get for three scatters, you will enjoy a 3x payout for any prizes completed with help from a wild. All the other rules of the game are standard.

Wealth is the special round that’s activated because of four scatters and it gives you a powerful multiplier on any wins that you get with wilds. Any wild-based win comes with an 8x multiplier during the Wealth free spin rounds. There is no multiplier on non-wild wins.

The best bonus round that you can get is Fortune, and that’s triggered by five scatter symbols on the reels at the same time. Do that and you’ll enjoy extremely generous bonuses. Any wins that ou complete with wilds come with an 8x multiplier, but wins that you get without wilds still come with a 5x multiplier. That means any wins that you get are going to be highly valuable, and wild wins will help you make the most of the bonus round.

Instant Play

Like many of the slot games offered today, Panda’s Gold is an instant play slot that you can test out using a wide variety of devices. If you want a flexible and high quality slot game that doesn’t limit you to a full-sized computer, you’ll enjoy your time with this slot. You can load it up without downloading any software at all, and it will play just as smoothly as download software does if you play over a decent internet connection.

Panda’s Gold is a beautiful slot game, but we enjoyed the bonus games more than anything else. It’s nice having all the different bonus game variations to experience, even if the games are pretty similar and feel the same. When searching for a slot with a good solid payout, it’s hard to beat this one. If you just want something with good variety Panda’s Gold is an excellent option as well.