Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch is a unique online gambling game that isn’t close enough to a traditional slot game for us to even call it that. Instead, it’s a live-action arcade game with real-money prize rewards and many mechanics that are similar to what you would find in a traditional slot game. The game itself works very different than a slot because you aren’t spinning reels, you are shooting at fish. To win prizes in this slot you take out the enemies swimming by, and the better the weapons are you use to take out your enemies the bigger your prize payouts will be. We love the idea behind this slot, but have to test it out for ourselves to decide if it’s worth testing out or not.

How Wagering Works

When you play Fish Catch you place wagers as you are firing off your cannons. You can wager between $0.01 and $2.50 per shot fired. The higher you wager the more damage you can deal and the better payouts you will get from the fish that you take out. Carefully adjust your wager amount so that you aren’t spending too much to fire at the enemies but you do have the potential to win some nice prize payouts in the end.

Choosing the Right Gun

There are several different guns available in this online casino game that all do a different amount of damage, have a different amount of ammunition and a separate multiplier. You must choose the right gun for each shot that you make to create the highest winning combination while effectively taking out your enemy. Carefully choose the weapon you use with care and you’ll come away with the absolute best payout in the end.

Good Prize Opportunities

There are many different prize winning opportunities in Fish Catch and it’s up to you to unlock the most lucrative of the bunch. The top prize that you can get from destroying a single fish is 1,000 times your wager amount, and there are many other smaller prize opportunities for you to seek out as well. When you take a shot you should be shooting at the most valuable fish whenever possible. These guys are going to pay the best and help you make the most of your time with the game overall.

Teamwork is Important

This is a co-op slot experience that will put you with three other players so that you can all work together to take out the enemies you encounter. Together you will play for the best prize payouts and try to all become rich. This slot encourages teamwork and creates a very different gambling experience than what most of the other slot games have to offer. If you are searching for a slot game that will entertain you longer, this game is the right one for you.

Fish Catch is a powerful multiplayer shooter that takes a bunch of different players and puts them into the same gambling situation together. Even though you are competing against the other players on the screen, you are also working with them to try and create the biggest prize combinations overall. Think carefully about the shots you take and work hard to get the best prize payouts and to come away as a richer player. This game is a whole lot of fun, but it will take some practice for you to get good at it. Take the time to try this out with small wagers or by playing for free before you start risking higher amounts of money with this game. Only after developing your skills can you play at the highest level, and that’s where the best prize payouts are made available.