Ancient Gods Slots

Ancient Gods is an online slot game themed after popular Chinese gods. The slot game showcases a bunch of different animal gods and gives you different prize-winning opportunities depending on the gods that show up on the reels. Our review down below goes into some of the different prize payouts, the different special features and what you can expect to gain by testing this slot game out. Give it a try for yourself and see just what you can win by playing Ancient Gods, or just read through our review to learn more about the game and what it has to offer you.

Basic Standard Round Payouts

There is good solid potential for high payouts during the special rounds of this slot game, but when you are playing the base game you should expect much lower prize payouts on average. Generally you will be winning prizes worth between 5x and 30x when you play the slot. That’s not a whole lot of cash but it is enough money to keep you turning the reels and better payouts are possible with help from special features.

Good Top Payouts

The very best prize payout that you can win on this slot with a fixed prize is 7,500 times your total stake. This is a good amount of money and will make your time spent on this slot game more than worth it. If you’re interested in a way to unlock the very best payouts from Ancient Gods keep spinning the reels and hope that you trigger this massive prize payout. Not every gambler will be fortunate enough to win this big payout, but the ones that do will remember the prize payout for a long time. That 7,500x limit is just for a single symbol combination, and you can actually win as much as 50,000 times the total line wager in a single spin if you can get a combination of prize paying symbols when you spin the reels.

Wild Doubles Your Wins

The wild symbol takes the place of nearly all the other symbols when playing this slot game and it can be used to get more regular prize payouts as well. The wild will double the value of any win that you get that it helps to create, which means you can literally get the highest prize payouts thanks to the power of the wild symbols as you play this slot game.

Free Spin Bonus

Any time that you get three or more of the golden medallion symbols anywhere on the reels you will trigger the free spin bonus round. During this bonus you get 10 free spins that all come along with increased chances to win some impressive prize payouts. While going through your spins you will unlock additional free spins for every single one of the Yellow Dragon or Golden medallion symbols that shows up on the reels during the rounds. You can add quite a few free spins during the round thanks to those symbols and they can be relied upon to keep the fun going for much longer if you are lucky enough as you play.

Basic Autoplay

If you want the game to spin on its own, just press the Autoplay button at any point. It will start spinning automatically and you can keep it that way until you are ready to stop playing. Once you’re ready to stop the feature you can do so by pressing the Autoplay button once again. This stops the feature and lets you go back to the standard way to play the slot.

Mobile Compatibility

Ancient Gods is completely compatible with mobile devices and will play smoothly on both tablet and smartphone devices. If you are interested in trying this slot out anywhere where there is a solid internet connection you can enjoy the game smoothly on just about any device that you have thanks to its careful design by Realtime Gaming.

Ancient Gods is a nice looking slot game and it comes with interesting bonus features as well. It isn’t the ideal slot for every sort of gambler, but for some players it can be a whole lot of fun. Give the game a try yourself and you might be impressed with your gambling experience as you play it.