Burnley Fever Slots

Burnley Fever is one of the newer games offered by Realtime Gaming, and it’s an exciting slot game with a Football or Soccer theme that has you playing around with different play modes while trying to unlock excellent bonus prizes. The slot features enough surprising elements and prizes to keep things interesting, and has a lot to offer, or at least it looks that way. We decided to put together a full review on the game below to dig into all that it has to offer to interested gamblers.

Developed by Realtime Gaming

Burnley Fever was developed by Realtime Gaming, a top-rated online slot provider that supplies games played around the world. Realtime Gaming is known for offering exciting slots and dynamic progressive jackpot games with good-sized jackpots. The games are usually highly interactive and worth a playthrough or two. That’s why so many different players gravitate toward Realtime Gaming slots.

Test it out Free

There is no reason to spend money in order to try out Burnley Fever. The slot is completely free to play, you just need to visit one of the casinos that offers the game to players. To test out this game visit the site, locate the slot and load it up. Once the slot is open on your screen you can try it out in Demo mode for free. You’ll be provided with a free money balance that you can use toward the slot to fully test the game out. This will help you decide whether the game is worth playing or not.

A Football or Soccer Theme

Burnley Fever is designed with a Football theme, or soccer theme for all you American players. The game showcases a range of excited players, team symbols and logos and jerseys, the World Cup trophy and more. It’s an exciting experience for any Football fan, and a game that you won’t soon forget after trying it out thanks to its vibrant design.

Benefit from the Dynamic Game Design

Burnley Fever is designed to be dynamic and exciting and gives you many different options to work with as you play the slot game. You can pick and choose from two different game modes to play around with. Try this slot out in Lucky Mode or in the standard mode to see which option will help you get the most wins. The option you choose determines what sort of jackpots are available and how likely you are to unlock special features of the slot at all.

A Progressive Jackpot 50 Payline Slot

There are a total of 50 paylines in this slot, and it’s also a progressive jackpot slot game. There is a massive possible payout that you can win while playing the slot game, but there are no guarantees. Play through enough rounds of this slot and you’ll likely stumble across an impressive win or two as you play. That’s the fun of such a dynamic and exciting slot. There are clustered wilds and scatters to watch for as well that can all lead to some pretty impressive wins.

50 Paylines

With a total of 50 paylines there are countless opportunities to win exciting prize payouts when you play Burnley Fever. Every spin that you make gives you more chances than you can even see to unlock prize payouts, and that’s a reason to get excited about playing the slot game.

A Good Betting Range

If you decide that you want to play this slot game you’ll have an excellent range of betting options to work with. At the low end it’s possible to wager just $0.01 per spin. While this won’t give you very much money to look forward to, it does mean that you can keep playing for extended periods without much worry. At the other end there is a maximum wager of up to $125.00 per spin available as well for high rollers looking to win big.

Many Paytable Win Opportunities

With wilds, scatters and jackpot symbols there are dozens of different winning opportunities available to you with every spin. Have a look at the paytable yourself to see what all the exciting payout opportunities are, but just know that there are some seriously good wins available to you when you play this slot game.

Win More During the Lucky Bonus

If you turn on the Lucky version of this slot game you’ll have a random chance of unlocking free spins after every spin of the reel in this slot. With the mode on any round can conclude with eight free spins and lots of bonus opportunities. Keep spinning the reels in this mode and you’re likely to uncover at least one free spin bonus round as you play.

Free Spins Offer Exciting Opportunities

During the standard version of Burnley Fever there is a chance to unlock a free spin round with between eight free spins and 100 free spins. To do this you need to get three or more of the Mascot scatter symbols. Three give you eight free spins, four gives you between 10 and 25 free spins and five give you between 50 and 100 free spins. During these free spins any wins that you unlock are tripled in size instantly, giving you a chance to win bigger and better prize payouts.

The RTP is Unclear

There is no defined RTP amount or Return to Player amount given out by this slot game yet. It’s likely to be between 95% and 97% like most Realtime Gaming slots offer, which is a good dependable range that’s worth playing for.

Our Slot Rating

We give Burnley Fever a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for its exciting features, nice graphics and decent prize-winning opportunities. Even though the slot has a lot going for it, we believe it could benefit from more bonus opportunities overall.

Big Winners are Welcome

Gamblers that like to win big and look for high-paying slots will enjoy playing around with Burnley Fever. That’s because this progressive jackpot slot game offers impressive top slot payouts and will give serious gamblers major prizes to try and unlock. You can win more than $100,000 from a single spin with enough luck while playing this slot, which is something most gamblers won’t complain about.

Gamble for Fun

To get a feel for this slot you can load it up and play it using fun money in the Demo Mode. If you want to learn more about a particular slot game, spend some time in free play mode just to get familiar with what’s offered. You’ll learn what’s so special about the slot game and why other gamblers want to play there so much.

Play using Real Money

Eventually you’ll want to switch from playing in free play mode to playing for real money to enjoy the full benefits that Burnley Fever has to offer. The slot game offers serious prize payout potential and gamblers that fully test the slot have a lot to win with enough luck.

Excellent Mobile Support

Burnley Fever isn’t a slot that you are stuck enjoying just at home. It’s a game that you can load up and play while on the go as well thanks to careful design. This slot game loads on a mobile phone or tablet as long as they are modern-day mobile devices. That means you can open up the game using your mobile web browser and test out all the different features of the slot with ease. It’s an exciting way to experience the slot, and something that many gamblers are going to be happy about as well.

If you’re looking for an online slot game with a fun Football or Soccer theme, Burnley Fever is a thrilling slot to try out. It’s rich with prize payouts, has nice looking symbols and gives you just enough bonuses to play for with each round that you go through. Give it a try yourself and it might become your new favorite slot game to play over time.