Voodoo Magic Slots

Voodoo Magic is a mysterious online slot game that’s all based around black magic and the mystique that comes with it. From the moment that you start playing this online slot you’ll get a creepy vibe, and the creators went all out to make the game as spooky as possible. It’s dark and eery with a deep woods backdrop, all the symbols seem a bit dark and they focus on things that relate to black magic, like daggers, skulls, medicine bottles, bone necklaces, goblets and more. The game certainly has an impact on you because of its appearance, but that’s not the only thing that it has going for it. Keep reading to find out what else Voodoo Magic offers.

13 Adjustable Lines

In keeping with the creepy feel, Voodoo Magic has a total of 13 pay lines that you can win prizes on. You can pick and choose how many of them you want activated, but we recommend that you keep each and every one of the lines active at all times. This helps ensure that you get as many wins as you possibly can, and with the minimum bet being just $0.01 per line, you can get away with playing through many rounds while having all the lines active while you play.

Huge Wins

It’s possible to win up to 50,000 coins while playing Voodoo Magic. With enough luck you could unlock a massive jackpot and end up with far more money than you started the slot game with. This doesn’t happen for every player, but there have been a few lucky ones that did very well from the video slot.

Free Spins

The special free round in Voodoo Magic is triggered by three or more scatter symbols. In this round you get a total of 25 free spins, and you’ll enjoy an ever-increasing multiplier as you go from one round to the next. What starts as a 1x multiplier, will quickly turn into a 5x, a 10x, a 15x and even more. These top multipliers make it easy to win a huge sum of cash if you get the maximum jackpot prize, which is how the biggest payout possible is won through this slot game.

Voodoo Magic is worth trying out for the chill factor that it provides on its own. Even without all the cool features that are built into this slot game it has a lot going for it. Once you add in all the added bonuses and the chance to win some serious cash, there is a lot to like about the game. Give it a try to see if you like it, and you just might start playing it regularly.