Slots Budget

Every slots player should have a slots budget. If you don’t have one, there is a far greater chance you could end up wagering away more than you can afford to lose. Setting up a budget ahead of play makes it much easier to stay within the limits you are comfortable with.

Every player wants to get the most from their budget though. We thought we’d put together a few tips to help you do just that.

Play games that allow penny line bets

The penny bet is the smallest bet you are likely to be able to use in most slot games. With that said, we have spotted a few games where you can play two lines for each penny bet you place. That means wagering 25 cents to play 50 lines, for example. Penny bets are the best way to make any budget stretch a lot further.

Play classic three-reel games

Three-reel games often have just one payline. Those with more might only have three or five of them. It is rare you will find more than that. These games do sometimes offer you the chance to play with more than one coin to try and win bigger prizes. However, these prizes are usually the equivalent pro rata to playing with just one coin per line. The exception is usually the jackpot… but you must consider the long odds of winning that if you play.

5 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

Play games with smaller line quantities

There isn’t much point playing a slot game with 20 lines if you’re only going to cover five of them. It means each spin could reveal up to 15 winning lines you won’t win prizes on, purely because you only covered five of the 20 lines.

So, to make the most of your budget without missing out on any winning chances, look for games with fewer lines. This might mean five lines, 10 lines, or whatever suits you. Marry it with a penny bet per line and you can see how much easier it is to get more from your budget each time.

Budget is a word every slot player – indeed, every casino player – should be aware of. But you can see that whatever budget you are happy with can be used to provide you with the best gaming experience no matter which game you choose. Just do your sums beforehand.