Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza is an online slot game from RealTime Gaming that's based on a popular dice game known as Bunko. If you're familiar with this dice game you'll really enjoy what this slot game has to offer. If you aren't familiar with the game it might not be as exciting to try this slot out for you. Either way we were impressed by some of the features offered by this slot, which is the main reason that we decided to do a full review on the game. Below are our results from Bunko Bonanza.

Looks Like a Cozy Living Room

One of the best things that Bunko Bonanza has going for it is its appearance. Upon first glance the slot game seems a bit dated, but after looking at it again more closely it's clear that the game was carefully designed to look like a cozy living room and it's actually a pretty welcoming slot game. The overall style of the slot makes it more relaxing to play, and for us made it more enjoyable overall.

Choosing a Wager Amount

This slot makes it possible to place a range of wagers depending on what sort of betting limit you are comfortable with. It has a total of 20 paylines that can be active at one time, but you are free to turn lines on or off depending on what your preference is. Set the lines how you want them, and then choose the wager amount that you want to risk for each line that you have in play. You can wager as little as $0.01 per line or as much as $5.00 per line. That means you have a total wager range of $0.01 and $100.00 per spin. That's not a bad range to play within and gives you a lot of room to work with when getting started.

A Random Jackpot

Bunko Bonanza comes with a progressive jackpot that's given away at random as you play through rounds of this slot game. This keeps things very interesting and gives you something to look forward to when you go from one round to the next. There doesn't seem to be any specific way to trigger these payouts, and you just need to get lucky in order to land one of these payouts worth thousands.

The Bell Wild

The bell serves as a helpful wild symbol in this slot game and will stand in for most other symbols of the slot as you play. Not only does the bell help you complete more prize combinations, it will also double any prizes that it's a part of. That means, with help from the wild you can effectively unlock larger prize payouts and win bigger from this online slot game.

Very Cool Free Spins

Get three or more scattered dice symbols and you'll unlock the free spin round of Bunko Bonanza. Do that and you'll have some very good chances to win big. You'll get a total of 21 free spins, and before each of those spins a dice will roll giving you between 2x and 6x for your multiplier for that spin. Not only do you have that powerful multiplier to look forward to, but you can still use the bell symbol to double any and all of your winnings, which means you can have up to a 12x multiplier for any one round of the free spins in this online slot, and that can create some very impressive winning opportunities.

Bunko Bonanza is a pretty decent online slot. It's relaxing to look at and play, but more importantly it offers some very nice winning opportunities. AS you play through the rounds you'll have a chance to unlock the random jackpot, but even if you don't you could still end up getting one of the other high paying wins from the free spin round. It's a solid online slot experience and worth testing out at least once.