Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are a popular addition to plenty of slot games. Players seem to love them, and since there are two ways you can score some prizes with their help, it’s simple to see why.

We’ve looked at the topic for you here, so you know what you might expect to see the next time you play a slot with scatters in the mix.

You can win scatter prizes whenever a triggering quantity appears

Most games only require two scatters to appear for the player to win a prize. Some will increase that minimum quantity to three scatters, with bigger prizes available the more scatters you get.

The good thing is those scatters can appear anywhere. The clue is in the name – they can score prizes when they appear scattered over the reels, rather than needing to land in subsequent positions on a payline to win.

You can win free spins if enough scatters appear

Many games opt to use the scatter as the trigger for some free spins. Most games will require you to find three or more scatters to win the games. In some cases, you will win a set number for getting those scatters. Finding more of them in the triggering combination won’t affect the free games quantity you get.

However, other games do give you more freebies the more scatters you find. The highest reward is always reserved for five scatters. We cannot recall a game that would ask for more than five to appear, unless it involves a larger game format than the usual 5 x 3 format.

Scatters usually only appear in games with five or more reels

This is a crucial thing to remember if you like scatter icons. They never appear in three-reel games because there simply isn’t room for them to be squeezed in. They only show up in games that have five or more reels. Sometimes, bigger games use several scatters to enable you to spell something as you play. The Big Bopper game is a great example, as you need to spell BOPPER with the five scatters displaying letters to trigger the feature.

We love games with scatters included on the reels. These are often the easiest prizes to win. After all, you need only find the right number. However, you should always read the paytable to find out how a scatter works in each game you play.