Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is a simple classic slot game with three reels and minimal options to worry about. This slot focuses on the standard classic slot symbols, and doesn't have a very original appearance for that reason. With that said, there is one nice feature offered by the slot that makes it interesting and lucrative, and we did a full review to let you know exactly what you can look forward to with the slot when you play it.

Good Classic Wagering Options

Bonkers allows you to wager between one and three coins on the one payline of the slot game, which makes things interesting and gives you enough options to keep the game flexible, without making it overly difficult to work with. You can set each coin value to between $0.05 and $5.00 and you can choose between one and three coins to vary how much you are betting overall. This gives you a comfortable range of just $0.05 to $15.00 overall.

Convenient Wager Options

Players can very quickly choose a bet amount depending on how much money they want to risk in Bonkers with the Bet One and Play 3 Credits buttons. Tap Bet One for each coin that you want to wager between one and three, or just tap the Play 3 Credits button to bet the maximum number of credits from the very beginning of the slot game. Either option can give you the results that you're looking for quickly.

Going for the Jackpot

Bonkers offers a 1,200 coin jackpot that can be won through the Red 7 symbols. Get three of the Red 7's and you'll unlock the full jackpot amount. This is only paid out to those playing all three coins at the time they win. If you're wagering one or two coins the payout is worth 200 or 400 coins, which is significantly lower.


The special Bonkers bonus symbol is the key to unlocking free spins. Get two of them and enjoy 3 free spins where you can win some nice prizes. Get three of them and enjoy 10 free spins where you have even more opportunities to win big from the slot game.

Other than the re-spin feature Bonkers is a very simple slot. It offers a decent top prize payout with 1,200 coins, but nothing crazy. The slot gives you limited options to select from, makes it clear exactly what you'll be winning with each symbol combination and lets you know what you can expect from the bonus rounds as well. There are no mysteries or any real decisions to make while playing the slot, which is why we recommend it for classic slot players that want something simple and fun to do.