Light Speed Slots

Light Speed is a fun Sci-Fi themed classic slot game with symbols like stars, planets, robots, aliens, rayguns, spaceships and more. While playing through this slot you'll quickly realize that it isn't exactly like a classic slot in that it has plenty of extra features. These features keep things interesting and help you win even more cash as you play through the rounds of the slot game.

Wild Robots

The robot symbols in Light Speed serve as the wild and they replace everything except the scatters. Get robots to help you complete different prizes and you can win big more regularly. Robots show up often and will help you get through more prizes than you might expect.

Light Speed Meter

The coolest feature of this classic slot game is the Light Speed meter. To build this up all you have to do is get a Light Speed symbol while betting three coins on the payline. Do that and the meter will jump up to the next highest multiplier to a maximum of 7x. The multiplier will increase the prize paid out next by the amount that it says. Once you unlock a win the meter will reset to 1X and you'll have to build it up all over again. This light speed meter is also an important tool to help you gain access to the progressive jackpot feature of the slot.

Progressive Jackpot

As soon as you get the Light Speed meter all the way up to 7x, you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. This amount goes up with each spin that you make on the reels of Lightspeed, and could net you thousands of dollars with a bit of luck. To unlock this progressive jackpot you need to get three of the raygun symbols with the Lightspeed meter all the way up. When you do that the progressive jackpot will reset to $700 and you can go for it all over again.

Thanks to features like the multiplier, the wilds and the progressive jackpot payout, there's a lot to like about Light Speed over a standard classic slot game. That's why so many people are happy to play it and why it's so popular today. If you're interested in making the most of your online classic slot gaming experience, give it a try. It offers enough special features to keep you busy and to give you hope that you could win big at any point.