Online Scratch Cards

How often do you play online scratch cards? Is this the first time you’ve even realized such a thing exists? You might be surprised to learn these scratch cards have been around for a while. There is a good reason for that too – people love them.

While slot games and assorted casino games always prove popular at online casinos, scratch cards often pop up in their own section too. We thought we’d explore the reasons why they have a dedicated audience that loves to play them.

They’re quick and easy to play

You don’t need to know too much to enjoy playing an online scratch card. If you understand the concept of a scratch card, you will be able to play the online version with no problems at all. Each card takes just a few seconds to play, so they can be a nice way to enjoy a few games if you only have five or 10 minutes to spare.

They can be played the same as you’d play a tangible scratch card

If you have ever bought a scratch card from a store, you’ll know how they work. You scratch off the foil sections to see if you have won a prize. The online version is no different, except for its virtual status.

Instead of using a coin to scratch off the silver panels, you use your cursor. Move your mouse around over the silver panel on the screen and you will see the ‘foil’ disappear. There is usually also a reveal button you can press to instantly see what’s behind each panel. (We prefer taking the long route of scratching each panel though – it’s way more fun!)

They are based around lots of different themes

Just as online slots use all kinds of themes to set up their games, so do scratch cards. Most of the time, the aim is the same – you need to match three identical symbols to win the prize that symbol is associated with.

But you will find lots of varied scratch card themes to enjoy. We’ve found monsters, Irish luck, Asian-themed games, and even germs used as themes for these cards. No doubt you can find lots more if you want to play a few of these games today.

You can always find some scratch cards to play just for fun too, so if you want to find out more and try a few, it’s easy to do.