Frozen Assets Slots

Frozen Assets is a winter themed classic slot game, and it offers a nice looking layout, decent symbols and a few interesting bonus features as well. The game itself looks to be a lot of fun, which is exactly why we decided to do a full review on it. If you're interested in finding a good quality classic slot game with interesting bonuses keep reading to learn if this is the one for you. It certainly has a lot to offer.

Deciding on a Bet

In Frozen Assets there are quite a few wager options to pick and choose from. It's up to you to choose an amount that's comfortable but also large enough to pay out nicely for you. You can wager between $0.05 and $5.00 per spin. Choose a level that you want to stick with and get playing.

A Progressive Jackpot

There's a high paying progressive jackpot that will only grow as you play Frozen Assets. To trigger this excellent jackpot you need to get three of the frozen 7 symbols while also wagering three coins. Do that and you'll walk away with the progressive jackpot worth whatever the amount displayed on the screen currently is. That means you could win thousands of dollars, which is always a good thing when playing a classic slot game.

A Unique Loyalty System

The real reason to play Frozen Assets is for the unique loyalty system that we thoroughly enjoyed. This classic slot has a cool system built in that rewards you with a bonus amount of money each time you can reach your snowflake counter up to 200. To do this you need to get the snowflake symbols. Snowflakes raise the counter up so that you can get closer to 200. While snowflakes raise your counter up, sunshine symbols lower it down. Sunshine symbols aren't all bad though, because while lowering your snowflake counter down, they actually increase the total bonus amount of coins that you have to win. That means that you want a mix of both symbols, but ultimately you want more snowflakes than sunshine symbols so that you can eventually win the massive bonus coin amount from this unique classic slot game.

You'll find yourself paying close attention to the snowflake count and the bonus amount as you play through one round after another in this slot game. It's a fun experience and certainly worth trying out once or twice.

Thanks to the unique bonus feature in Frozen Assets as well as the powerful progressive jackpot, this slot is worth trying out at least once. It's a nice looking classic slot, with a cool winter theme and plenty of features to keep you busy each time that you play through it.