Yuan Gu Sheng Shou Slots

While we still don’t know too many details about Yuan Gu Sheng Shou the slot game, we do know it’s an Asian slot game based around the idea of prosperity. The slot game itself should be set over a 3x5 reel and offer a respectable number of paylines to play over. If you’re interested in an exciting and dynamic slot game with a good blend of features, you should find quite a lot to enjoy about this modern slot offering.

Simple Wagering Adjustments

With adjustable paylines and wager values for every line, you have a lot of control over the wagers you can put down while playing this slot game. Make your adjustments with care before getting started with the slot to make the most of what the game has to offer. In just a short time playing around with the slot you can find the perfect wager amount for you to play with.

Ample Slot Features

With both a wild and a scatter symbol, as well as many different bonus features, there is a lot to enjoy about Yuan Gu Sheng Shou if you like playing with features. You can unlock free spins and even multiply your wins to more exciting payouts that will keep you looking forward to future play as you experience this slot game.

The Free Spin Bonus

Even though the free spin bonus round of this slot is easily triggered with just a few symbols, once you unlock this round you have much greater chances of winning prize payouts than before. You’ll enjoy bigger payout opportunities and more prize-winning combinations as you go through spin after spin. You could come away with some very exciting wins in the end.

Enjoy Advanced Control

As well as having control over the size of the wagers you put down while playing this slot, you’ll also enjoy advanced controls like Autoplay to help spin the reels of the slot without any input from you as you play through the rounds. Autoplay is simple to set up and will make longer play sessions more comfortable with this slot game.

Yuan Gu Sheng Shou is a new and exciting slot game and packs in a good mix of features and fun bonuses to keep you guessing and waiting for that next big win. Try it for yourself and you’ll quickly see all the game has to offer you.