Magic Mushroom Slots

Magic Mushroom is a newer slot release by Real Time Gaming. The slot is charming to look at thanks to excellent graphics and animations, it’s a bit lacking in terms of features and payouts though. Even still, we decided to give the game a full review and see if something impressive was hiding under the pretty bland prize payouts. Keep reading to learn what we discovered while play testing this slot game.

27 Ways to Win

There aren’t traditional paylines with this slot game, and instead it uses a clustered payment system like many other games. The slot only offers 27 ways to win, which is lower than many other slot games you’ll see today. The slot requires wagers as if there were 20 paylines though, making it a pretty good value for its cost.

Limited Betting Options for Low Stakes Players

Magic Mushroom is a low stakes slot game only and that’s because the maximum wager amount is just $2.00 per spin. That’s nothing to a high-roller and many mid-level players won’t be impressed by that upper limit either. Low stakes players can choose to wager between $0.20 and $2.00 per spin in $0.20 intervals depending on what they are comfortable risking.

Small Fixed Prizes

Not only does this slot offer low betting limits, but it pays out small prizes as well. The biggest win that you can get from a fixed symbol combination is just 200 coins or three of the blue fairies. Next is 80 for the yellow and 30 for the purple fairies. Wilds can lead to more frequent prize wins, but the payouts never get any larger than these. Gamblers that stick with this slot game should be trying for combinations of prize wins for the most lucrative payouts.

Stacking Wilds

The wild symbol only appears on the central reel and it has the potential to stack up and cover the entire middle reel. This special symbol takes the place of all other symbols and helps encourage prize payouts more frequently. Getting three wilds stacked up in the middle will unlock the re-spin feature which can lead to some very exciting prizes.

The Respin Feature Leads to Added Wins

Getting three stacked wilds will unlock the re-spin feature of this slot game. With it initiated you’ll get additional free spins where the wilds remain in the center and a blank and a random symbol appears on the other two reels. It’s common to uncover winning combinations during this bonus feature and it leads to some added wins.

Try in Fun Play Mode

Even players that aren’t sure about this slot game can give it a try without a risk. That’s because a Fun Play mode is offered by the casino to interested players. This special mode allows you to experience the slot game and all its features without spending any money. You’ll start with a play balance and will get to choose your wager amount and your potential win amount just like you would normally. This mode is available after registration at some casinos and before at others. Either way, it’s a simple way to get a look at the slot.

Comes with a Basic Autospin Function

During lengthy play sessions it becomes tiresome to press the spin button over and over again. That’s why many gamblers turn to the Autospin function. This is offered through a button to the right of spin in this slot game. Pressing the button opens up options to spin between 5 and 100 times or to spin the reels until you decide to stop it or your money runs out. There aren’t advanced stop features like some other slots offer, which makes this a limited autospin function.

Adjust Slot Speed and Music

The game also offers two different speed settings and the ability to turn the music on and off while you play this slot game. These additional settings offer just enough control to help enhance the gameplay experience with this slot without going overboard too much.

Our Honest Review

Overall we give this classic slot game a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. It’s fun to play, it’s simple to work with and it offers nice visuals to watch as you play. It just doesn’t offer high enough wager limits or large enough prize payouts. With those issues corrected it would be a strong classic slot, otherwise it’s not worth playing for many gamblers, even those that adore classic slots.

A Mobile Slot Experience

Magic Mushroom is designed to run right in the web browser and it features a simple layout with just three reels and a handful of symbols. These two elements together are what make this slot game so good for mobile enthusiasts. The game will run on most Android and iOS devices, and will also work well with Blackberry products and Windows Phone devices as long as they are newer.

Magic Mushroom isn’t all that impressive for a classic slot game, but it’s not bad either. It’s lacking in top prize payouts and special features. The game is easy to understand and gives players the chance to unlock some free spins through the re-spin feature. We think it’s a good option for classic slot fans, but most other gamblers will likely want to skip it for something with a bit more to offer. Also only low-stakes players should play around with this slot.