Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Turn up the heat with traditional classic slot games with Triple 7's Inferno slot. This basic slot game looks pretty intense with fire in the background and a series of pretty basic casino symbols. The jackpot symbol is a traditional 7, but it has a flame in the background, and that's the symbol that make this slot game worth trying out. Read on for an overview of this game and all it has to offer.

Betting on the 7's

There are several different wager options available to you when you play Triple 7's Inferno. You can turn your coin value up or down to a maximum of $5.00 and you can wager up to three coins at a time. At the low end of the wagers you can risk as little as $0.05 per coin for a minimum of $0.05 per spin and a maximum of $15.00 per spin. Consider wagering three coins the whole time that you play this slot game, because it's the only thing that you can do to open up the progressive jackpot to you.

Many Different Winning Opportunities

The biggest win that you can get from this slot game comes from the Inferno 7 symbol, but you can win a bunch of other prizes from this slot game as well. For example, getting three of the red 7 symbols will result in a payout worth as much as 300 coins. Getting BAR symbols will reward you with payouts from 20 to 60 coins. There are just a bunch of different ways for you to win money from this slot game.

A One Coin Wager Doesn't Always Pay Off

Betting just a single coin on Triple 7 Inferno can result in a bunch of winning prize combinations that don't actually pay out at all. The jackpot combination for instance pays nothing at all when you have just a single coin wagered. This proves true for the top three symbol combinations that could help you win big under most other circumstances. That's why it's important to wager at least two coins every time that you play for the best chances to win.

A Progressive Jackpot

The coolest feature of this classic slot game is the progressive jackpot. This large prize payout increases over time as you and others play the slot, and if you manage to unlock the jackpot symbol combination you'll trigger a prize payout for the full progressive amount. You will need to wager three coins when you trigger the jackpot symbols if you want the progressive jackpot payout though, so be careful to wager three coins whenever you play.

Triple 7's Inferno is a cool looking slot game with decent prize payouts and simple mechanics that make it worth playing. It's an easy slot but it's not worth playing for everyone. There aren't many special features other than the progressive jackpot payout, and for some gamblers there just isn't enough to keep things interesting over time. Do yourself a favor and try this slot out for yourself to see if it's a good fit for you.