Regal Riches Slots

Celebrate your royal heritage, or just dream of being royalty as you play through a game of Regal Riches, the online slot game with a royal theme. This slot gives you a shot at some very nice prizes and it does so while showing off some very classy symbols the entire time. As you play through the various rounds of the slot game you'll have a chance to unlock bonuses, play through special features and shoot for a huge top prize.

Deciding on a Bet Amount

Regal Riches offers a wide betting range to every player that gives it a shot. The game has a total of 25 paylines that you can adjust variably, and it has a wide range of coin values that you can set as well. Do yourself a favor and pick and amount that you're comfortable with and get the game going.

Big Top Wins

In Regal Riches it's possible to win as much a 25,000 coins in any one turn of the slot game. That's a huge amount of cash, especially if you are betting near the top end of the range as you play. Just keep in mind that you have a huge amount of cash that you can potentially win as you play through the rounds of this slot game.

Fountain Free Spins

To unlock the free spins round of this slot game you only need to get three of the fountain symbols across the reels. The minute that you do that you'll enjoy as many as 25 free spins and a chance to unlock some serious cash as well. This bonus game comes with an added twist though, each round that you go through increases the prize multiplier by one. You start off with a 1x multiplier, but can grow it up to 25x on the last round of a 25 free spin game. That's huge and leaves you with the chance for some very exciting prize wins.

Major and Minor Jackpots

There are two random jackpots in Regal Riches the online slot game. To unlock them you just need to spin the reels and have a bit of luck. The minute that you do you'll be awarded with either the small or large progressive jackpot and hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Regal Riches is a nice looking slot game and it has some pretty good features. It's packed with good top prizes and could make you quite a bit wealthier with a bit of luck.