Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a simple online slot game that has just a few different symbols for you to try and unlock. The game itself is set over a very basic backdrop, and it gives you just a single payline to try and win prizes on. Other than an advanced nudge feature and a wild, this slot is a very straightforward gambling experience for any slot player.

Choosing a Chip Amount

Diamond Mine is fixed at $0.05 per spin but you are tasked with choosing a coin amount before you begin playing the slot game. You can choose a credit between $5.00 and $100 in size and you'll play through those credits before being tasked with choosing an additional credit amount. This gives the game the feel of a real-life money slot and should help to keep things interesting for you. After you purchase your credits, you can choose to wager between $0.05 and $0.15 depending on the number of credits you choose from 1 to 3. We decided to go with three credits the whole time for the best chance at top prize payouts.

A Powerful Nudge Feature

There's a special nudge feature that's activated when you wager all three coins. The diamond symbols either point up or down when you spin them and they will move after landing, giving you additional chances at prize payouts. Without wagering three coins you won't get this added chance, making it more difficult to win prizes from the slot game.

The Wild

There's a special wild symbol that's also the most valuable symbol in the game when you play this classic slot. It will help you complete a range of different winning combinations easily, and will double their value as well. That means if you manage to get two other symbols and the wild, you'll enjoy double the prize money from the symbol.

Basic Gameplay

Even though Diamond Mine Deluxe comes with wild symbols to help you complete more prize payouts, it's a very simple slot game overall. It's easy enough for most gamblers to play without special instructions and you should understand all the features of the slot just moments after you get started playing. If you want to test out a simple slot that offers decent prizes and that's affordable to play, Diamond Mine Deluxe is the way to go.

Going for the Progressive Jackpot

Diamond Mine Deluxe comes with a powerful progressive jackpot feature for you to try and win as you play through the rounds. To win it you need to get three of the to paying symbols while wagering three coins. Do that and you'll walk away with whatever the progressive jackpot is worth at the time that you spin. This could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you are lucky enough.

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a fun and simple online slot game that's themed after the old-school classic slots that so many gamblers have been playing for years. If you're looking for a top quality online slot game that's simple and offers decent payouts, it's worth testing out at least once.