Rudolph Awakens Slots

Rudolph Awakens is the latest release from RTG for the holiday season and it's a whole lot of fun. This online slot game follows the long line of holiday-themed slots released by RTG in the past, and it's designed to be just as dynamic and exciting as all the others released before it. That means you'll have plenty of wagering options to enjoy, you'll have loads of features to play around with and of course you'll have some excellent prize payouts to shoot for. Whether this slot game is right for you or not depends on what you're looking for, but after reading through our review you should know if you're interested in the game at least.

Fun Holiday Themed Slot

Rudolph Awakens is the perfect holiday slot game for gamblers that like to have a bit of fun. The game features an angry Santa Clause, a collection of toys and animals and of course the Frozen Rudolph that's just thawing out and ready to get up to his usual tricks. The whole slot is nicely crafted and pleasant to look at and when you play the game it's hard not to get into a good mood at all the fun animations and features that you're seeing while you play.

30 Fixed Paylines

This slot game has a total of 30 paylines, but they are all locked into an always-on position. That means that each time you spin the reels you'll be wagering over all 30 of those paylines. This increases your chances of uncovering some nice prize payouts, but it also makes spinning the reels more expensive when you play Rudolph Awakens. This is an issue for players trying to spend as little as possible to play.

Good Wagering Options

With a total of 30 paylines there's quite a bit of room to wager high or low with this slot game. At the low end, you can wager as little as $0.30 per spin with $0.01 on each of the 30 paylines. At the high end, it's possible to wager more than $100 per spin while playing this slot game and most high-end gamblers will be excited at the possibilities that this game offers them.

Brilliant Animations

One of the first things that we noticed while playing Rudolph Awakens is the bright and cheerful animations. This slot game is loaded with exciting animations that makes the game feel alive and exciting. Whether you uncover a common win, or you unlock one of the many bonus features you will be greeted with lively animations that bring the slot game to life.

High-Paying Prizes

While playing this slot there are countless opportunities to unlock some real high-paying prizes. There are several different symbols that reward generous prizes during the standard rounds of this slot, so you have nice payouts to watch for even if you don't trigger one of the many different bonus rounds while playing this slot.

Watch for Rudolph Wilds

One of the most important symbols in this slot game is the Rudolph wild. This stretched out wild symbol depicts Rudolph as a frozen block of ice. Rudolph wilds give you an increased chance to unlock some nice prize payouts and helps improve your chances of uncovering a winning combination as well.

A Mix of Special Features

Just like all the other games before it, Rudolph Awakens is sure to have a variety of special bonus games and features to keep things interesting. That means you will be playing for several different bonuses as you spin through the reels. Keep spinning and you'll uncover some exciting prize payouts as you play this slot game. It's an exciting opportunity for gamblers that are interested in dynamic and fast-paced slot games. Sign up to play and go through spin after spin while hoping to trigger one of the massive prize payouts, or at least one of the feature-rich bonus rounds.

Unlock the Free Spin Bonus Round

There's always a chance that you'll unlock the free spin bonus round as you play Rudolph Awakens. When this happens you'll get 10+ free spin rounds where you can attempt to amass your fortune while playing the slot. During these rounds there will be Frozen Rudolph wilds that stretch from the top to the bottom of the reel giving you excellent chances to unlock some seriously good prize winning combos.

Demo the Slot for Free

Before you spend any money on this game at all, you can test it out to see if you like it in Demo mode. This special mode allows you to play the slot with play money, so you can learn the features and get more comfortable with what the game has to offer. With just a few minutes of time dedicated to the slot you should start to understand all the different buttons as well as the prize combinations that you can win. During this time you'll likely come to realize just how entertaining this slot game is to play as well.

Play for Real Money

When you're sick of just playing for fun you can switch to playing Rudolph Awakens with real money as long as you're a member of an RTG casino and you've made your first real money deposit. Just click that you want to play the slot for real and you can immediately start wagering with real money. It's quick and easy to do and will allow you to start playing for actual prize payouts which will make the game even more exciting and enjoyable.

Rudolph Awakens is Designed for Mobile Players

This new slot game isn't just for computer players It works very well on mobile devices as well also that you can start wagering without having a computer at all. With this slot game you can conveniently play round after round from anywhere that you are. You can go from playing on your computer to taking the slot with you on the bus, to the coffee shop or anywhere that you like thanks to the excellent mobile support. It's clean and crisp on mobile and runs smoothly no matter what you're doing on this slot game.

Rudolph Awakens is a highly dynamic and feature-rich slot game. Admittedly it's not the right game for everyone, but most gamblers will find it fun and entertaining to play around with. Try out the slot for yourself if you're interested in the features it has to offer and you might decide that it's the perfect game for you.