Bank on it Slots

Bank on it Slots
Bank on it is an online classic slot game with a wild and a progressive jackpot that creates interesting winning opportunities. This online slot game keeps things simple, but also gives you the exciting features that you would expect on more modern video slot games. Give it a try and you’ll be excited at all the different options that this slot game presents you with while you play.


Betting is important in just about any slot game, and this one is no different. There is a single payline and you can wager between one and three coins on that line. Wagering three coins is highly recommended, because it gives you a shot at the progressive jackpot. Either way, coin values can be set at between $0.05 and $5.00 each. That means you can wager between $0.05 and $15.00 per spin. Set an amount that you are comfortable with and get started gambling with this online slot game.

Using Wilds

The pig symbol is a wild that will match any of the other symbols of this slot game. Getting just one of these symbols is often enough to unlock high paying prizes and to get you more cash as you play along. Keep that in mind while playing and you’ll begin to look forward to those wild symbols more than ever.

The Piggy Bank Progressive

This classic slot has a progressive jackpot that you can trigger with enough luck on your side, but only if you play the game properly. In order to qualify for the progressive jackpot you need to wager three coins when you hit the progressive symbol combination. Do that and get three piggy bank symbols and you’ll unlock the progressive jackpot payout, whatever it happens to be at the time. This top jackpot is usually pretty large and exciting and the feature that draws most gamblers into the slot.

Decent Top Win Payouts

Even if you don’t manage to unlock the progressive jackpot, you can still win solid fixed jackpot payouts of up to 1,400 coins. With a top wager of $5.00 per coin, that amounts to $7,000 in cold hard cash that you can win on a single spin. That’s not a massive payout, but it’s enough to make the day for most gamblers.

Bank on It is a fun classic slot with a couple of modern elements that keep things interesting. If you’re looking for a big win the progressive jackpot will give you something to look forward to, but even with that feature the slot game is pretty simple to play through and a lot of fun to try out. That’s why so many gamblers decide to play this slot at least once.