Video Poker Games

Online casinos can be confusing if you’re new to them. No doubt you have heard of poker – maybe even seen a few games. But why is there something called video poker at these casinos, usually in a separate section to other poker games? We thought we would demystify this area for you, so you know which games appear where and how they work. There are far more options to choose from than you might think.

How does video poker differ from regular table poker?

If you choose a poker game in the table games section of a casino, you’ll see the cards dealt onto a table in front of you. The idea is to present an image like the one you would see in a real casino. Conversely, video poker gives an appearance more akin to slot games. The game is presented on a screen, along with all the controls you need to make your moves. Some people prefer video poker because it offers more variety.

Speaking of variety, how many different video poker games are there?

How much time have you got? Online casinos tend to provide players with lots of video poker games to choose from. Among the most common are Aces & Eights, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces & Joker, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus… you get the idea. It is very important to pick a game and read the instructions and the pay table before you make any bets on it. Video poker games vary hugely in how payouts are calculated. Some have better payback percentages too, although they all tend to be reasonably generous with their payouts.

Can you play video poker just for fun?

You can, but this option may not be available at every online casino. If you are already a member of one and you want to try some video poker, but you can’t do so for free, consider joining another. Playing some of these games for fun is the best way to figure out how they work and what you need to do to put together a winning hand. You never know, you may discover you love playing video poker and you add it to your regular list of games you like to play. Whether you play for free or for the chance to win some prizes, you might like it a lot.