Secret Jungle Slots

Head to the depths of an exotic jungle in Secret Jungle the online slot game. In this slot there are members of an ancient tribe, the tribe queen, leopards, stacks of gold and more. The slot has a bit of a generic look to it, but we really like the overall theme of the game. We decided immediately that we would do a review of the slot game, and we weren’t too disappointed by what we experienced when testing out the game. Below is our honest review of the slot and what you can expect when you play it for yourself.

Supreme Wagering Flexibility

One of the nicest things we have to say about this slot game is that you will enjoy extreme flexibility when placing your initial wager before starting to play this slot game. That’s because you can literally wager $0.01 at the least, and $500.00 at the most per spin of the reels. We challenge you to try and find many other slot games with that sort of wagering flexibility, it won’t be easy. Adjusting the wager amount is accomplished by deciding on the number of paylines you want to wager on, between 1 and 50 in all and the amount that you want to wager on each of the different lines. That amount can be adjusted from a low of $0.01 to a high of $10.00. With so many different options to choose from it’s simple coming up with a wager amount that you are comfortable with when playing this slot.

Triple Payout Wilds

The Idol symbol is the wild in this slot, and will triple any prize it helps to complete. This wild subs in for everything other than the temple scatter symbol and can appear on any of the different reels and paylines of Secret Jungle. The wild also pays out the top fixed jackpot worth 8,888 coins if you get five of them on a single payline. It’s one of the most important symbols of this slot game, and is pretty common too.

Smaller Prize Payouts

Other than the high payout offered by the wild symbol, the rest of the prizes are tame in nature. The queen and the warrior symbols will both reward you with a 1000 coin payout when non wild is present or up to a 3,000 coin payout with help from the wild symbol. The leopard symbol is worth 1,500 with help from the wild or 500 without, and the remaining symbols are all worth less than 1,000 coins even with help from the 3x wild multiplier bonus. The most exciting prize opportunities all occur during the free spin bonus game, and that’s what you should be trying to trigger the entire time that you play this slot game.

The Free Games Bonus Feature

Any time that you get three or more scatter symbols on the reels at the same time while playing Jungle Secret, the free games bonus round is triggered. The bonus is a chance to unlock some of the highest prize payouts and is the key to making this slot game a good one. Three scatters will give you 8 free spins with a starting multiplier of 1x. Four or five scatters gives you 18 and 88 free spins respectively and a multiplier of 2x starting. If you can get three or more scatter symbols on any of your free spins you will add three free spins to the bonus round and the multiplier will increase by 1x. The free game multiplier is limited to a maximum of 9x for a three scatter initial trigger or 10x when you trigger the bonus game with four or five scatters.

Quick and Easy Autoplay

Autoplay can be initialized in mere seconds. Just press the Autoplay button, then select how many automatic spins you want the game to go through. This two-step process is rapid and will result in the slot going through spin after spin without stopping. This is the perfect feature for gamblers that aren’t interested in pressing spin themselves when playing.

Secret Jungle is a bit bland in its styling, but the game has real solid bonuses and some decent prize payouts overall. We recommend the slot specifically for the free spin bonus round and the 3x wild multiplier that’s worked into most spins. It’s a lot of fun for these reasons specifically and should be a good slot game for most players that test it out.