San Guo Zheng Ba Slots

San Guo Zheng Ba is a Chinese themed online slot game that relies on unique spin features to make things interesting for gamblers. The slot has a pretty bland theme and relies on many generic symbols, but even despite its looks it offers something special for gamblers interested in winning as much as possible. That’s why we did a full review of this online slot game.

Plenty of Wagering Options

When playing San Guo Zheng Ba there are options to work with when choosing a wager amount, which is one of the best things about this slot game. From the moment that you begin playing you can choose to wager as little as $0.01 or as much as $50.00 per spin. There are 50 paylines and you can turn on just a single line or as many as you like up to the maximum of 50. With 50 active lines going it’s incredibly easy to win prizes from this slot game and wins occur frequently.

A Spreading Wild

San Guo Zheng Ba is a pretty standard slot game, but it packs in a few nice perks that you won’t find with many other slots. The first of those perks is an expanding wild. This wild appears on the three center reels, but when it shows itself on the third reel it will expand to cover all the positions of the reel. That means you get a full reel of wilds along with more potential wilds on the rest of the reel for seriously good prize winning odds.

Free Spins

San Guo Zheng Ba has a free spin round that you can trigger by getting three or more of the Emperor symbols. This triggers a series of free spins where the golden dragon doubles any prizes unlocked if it’s part of them. It’s also possible to re-trigger additional free spins by getting three or more of the Emperor symbols once again during the 5 free spins but these spins won’t activate until after the super spins round.

Super Free Spins

After going through the standard free spins there is a super free spin round with three free spins that are powered up for more prize winning fun. The power ups you receive depend on how many scatter wins you get during the standard free spins. No scatter wins leave you with an added grouped empress bonus. One scatter gives you an added expanded wild on reel 5. Two scatter wins gives you a 5x multiplier on any scatter pays that occur during the super spins. Three scatters gives you upgraded wilds with a 3x multiplier. Four scatter wins give you wilds across reel 4 as well and five scatter pays gives you wilds across the third reel. With each of these bonuses you get all the bonuses added before as well, so some of the higher up scatter pay rewards create a very high paying combination of symbols and prizes. It’s also important to note that any scatter payout that you get during the super spin round will give you an additional super spin.

San Guo Zheng Ba is a pretty unique online slot with its high number of paylines and intricate free spin round. It gives just enough features to keep every single round exciting and offers some impressive payouts as well. The slot itself looks a bit bland, but with all the features offered it’s worth a playthrough or two.